Kim Kardashian faces heat ahead of SNL debut as fans slam choice of host

A Twitter post of a columnist went viral after he asked the channel if there was any less-qualified, less-talented host than Kim Kardashian

                            Kim Kardashian faces heat ahead of SNL debut as fans slam choice of host
Kim Kardashian (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian is all set to make her very first appearance as a host of ‘Saturday Night Live’ (SNL) on October 9 but it looks the decision did not go down well with the Internet. The estranged wife of Kanye West caught heat on Twitter after a columnist questioned NBC for roping in the socialite and things only spiraled from there.
The Twitter post of the columnist went viral over the weekend after he asked the channel if there was any less-qualified, less-talented host than Kim Kardashian in the history of SNL. Well, he did not stop there as he went on to compare Kim Kardashian with Donald Trump adding that the latter was better at acting despite people labeling him as a terrible host. Soon, Kim Kardashian grabbed one of the top spots on the trending list as the social media users rushed to Twitter sharing the same opinion with disparaging comments.
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Kim Kardashian gears up for SNL debut

Kim Kardashian is leaving no stone unturned to make sure she nails her hosting debut at the sketch comedy show. The social media personality has been sharing stories on her Instagram account where she revealed that she has been in the studio for close to 20 hours. A source spilled the beans on the same to People Magazine saying, “She's both nervous and thrilled. It's a huge deal for her. She takes the hosting gig very seriously.” The 40-year-old TV star will hit the stage with musical guest Halsey.
While Kim K was busy prepping up for her hosting duties, the columnist identified as David Lazarus took a dig at ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star asking, “Has SNL ever had a less-qualified, less-talented host than Kim Kardashian?” In the same thread, he added, “People keep citing Trump, and to sure he was a terrible host. But after playing a successful businessman on TV and in movies, at least he could claim modest acting chops.” Speaking of Kim’s SNL debut, it is being reported that she has been chatting with Kanye West who is helping her out with the opening monologue along with her wardrobe for the show. The duo was most recently papped leaving the Ritz Carlton together probably heading to SNL studio in New York City. For the unversed, Kanye West has appeared on the show seven times.







‘The low of all lows. Pure trash’

Social media users hating Kim, took to Twitter to slam her SNL hosting debut. “No but literally this game is stupid and I’m not well and this cannot be the energy I take into @KimKardashian being on @nbcsnl tonight. So Alabama, kindly, GET YOUR S**T TOGETHER”, said one user as another chimed in and spoke about watching Trump rally, “The same thing I'll do instead of watching Kim Kardashian on @nbcsnl... have intelligent conversations with knowledgable, sophisticated, moral, compassionate, science loving, truth telling people.”
The next one added, “Kim Kardashian is hosting SNL. They couldn't get Jessica Rabbit?  What a joke. Mindy Kaling, Kathryn Hahn, Carol Burnett, Wanda Sykes and Tig Notaro are out there and KK is the best you can come up with?” Meanwhile, one person asserted, “@KimKardashian @nbcsnl The low of All lows. Pure trash. SNL you are better than this.  Her family are con artist.” Another user tweeted, “SNL is going to be an absolute train wreck tonight with Kim Kardashian hosting.” And, one posted, “I won’t be watching. Get a host with real talent” as another pitched in and said, “I am not going to be rushing to SNL to see #KimKardashian. I've seen quite enough of her in the past decade, and her dramas and selfies are the stuff of nightmares, not peaceful dreams.” One user concluded, “Thank you. I've never understood the fascination with "stars" like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian, folks who are famous for no apparent reason. Meanwhile, women with actual achievements are frequently ignored by the media.”


















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