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Kim Kardashian 'lost it' after seeing Kanye West posing with Candace Owens in 'White Lives Matter' shirt

It may be recalled that Candace Owens called Kim Kardashian a 'prostitute' and her mother 'Kris Jenner' a pimp for allegedly leaking her sex tape
Kim Kardashian was reportedly furious about Kanye West posing in 'White Lives Matter' sweatshirts with Candace Owens (kimkardashian/Instagram; RealCandaceO/Twitter)
Kim Kardashian was reportedly furious about Kanye West posing in 'White Lives Matter' sweatshirts with Candace Owens (kimkardashian/Instagram; RealCandaceO/Twitter)

PARIS, FRANCE: Kanye West is known for consistently causing a stir over the internet with his bizarre and over-the-top antics. To continue this spree, the rapper was seen donning a "White Lives Matter" sweatshirt along with conservative speaker Candace Owens at the Yeezy Season 9 event in Paris on Monday, October 3. The picture was circulated by Owens herself where the duo is seen linking arms together and promoting the racist phrase. Kanye, who is famous for stoking controversy to get attention, has been called out by his ex-wife Kim Kardashian

According to Hollywood Life, a source said that Kim Kardashian had completely "lost it" at the sight of the picture. However, it was not just the racist term that disgusted the reality TV star. The shocking image was posted weeks after the right-wing commentator called Kim a "prostitute" on her Youtube channel. Thus, Kanye posing with Candace has left Kim furious. Although Kayne actively supported the Black Lives Matter movement, his recent behavior has triggered many of his fans. 


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Kim Kardashian claims Kanye is 'trying to get attention'

According to a source, "Kim is not surprised by Kanye decision to wear that on his shirt and thinks that he is, once again, trying to get attention. She knows that he loves to start controversy and she is not even feeding into this. Sure, she thinks that he is making a horrible choice and that the message is very offensive to so many." The racist phrase originally came as a response by neo-Nazis and white supremacists to the Black Lives Matter movement. 

When the Black Lives Matter movement was at its peak, Kanye was one of the celebrities who fully supported it. He not only donated $2M to the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor but was also seen marching in protests. Thus, his outrageous behavior has left his ex-wife "utterly confused." The 'Monster' rapper is yet to announce the reason behind his distasteful choice of wearing the sweatshirt.

Kanye West on Instagram stories
Kanye West posted this cryptic message on Instagram after he was spotted wearing the sweatshirt  (kanyewest/Instagram)


Candace Owens calls Kim a 'prostitute' and mother Kris Jenner a 'pimp'

Weeks before Owens matched sweatshirts with Kanye in Paris, she called out the mother-daughter duo for leaking the sex tape with Ray J to launch Kim's career. Owens called the billionaire a "prostitute" and her momager Kris Jenner a "pimp" on her controversial podcast. "A mother sat down and decided to sell her daughter’s body for fame and money and she was successful. Let’s sell this tape, this is the best one, you look the best in this tape, this will make you the most famous," Owens said. “Not only is that disgusting, but then her plan worked. Kim Kardashian is a billionaire today, and she is, by the way, still selling sex. I now hold the opinion that Kim Kardashian is a prostitute. And I’m not going to edit this opinion: Kim Kardashian is a prostitute; her mother is a pimp — worse than a prostitute,” she added. 

According to sources, Kanye was aware of this matter and still decided to pose with the conservative speaker. This has not only shocked Kim but also triggered her to the core. “Kanye knows that Candace just got done calling the mother of his children a prostitute and the grandmother of his children a pimp to the world, so she is extremely bothered by the fact that he would do anything with her and she finds it very disrespectful to her and her family,” an insider revealed.