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Was Kim Garam never meant to stay? Le Sserafim OT5 debut documentary has fans demanding justice

Kim Garam was the sixth member of the girl group Le Sserafim before she left following bullying rumors
UPDATED SEP 16, 2022
Le Sserafim's documentary to include only the current five members making Kim Garam's fans unhappy (@le_sserafim/Twitter, Mnet/Naver)
Le Sserafim's documentary to include only the current five members making Kim Garam's fans unhappy (@le_sserafim/Twitter, Mnet/Naver)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Le Sserafim is back with a bang. After a rollercoaster of a debut, they will be making their first comeback soon. But before that, their label Source Music which is under HYBE shared that they would be releasing a documentary of their debut. But the trailer has everyone unhappy as former member Kim Garam has been erased.

Le Sserafim had debuted with six members initially. However, there were rumors about former member Kim Garam and that she was a school bully. With bullying being extremely severe in South Korea, the general public dropped her. While HYBE insisted on her innocence, no one believed it. Garam ended up leaving the group after being active in it only for 2 weeks. But fans had hoped that to chronicle Le Sserafim's debut journey, she would be included.


Why did ex-Le Sserafim’s Garam get level 5 punishment if she was innocent of bullying?

Is it the real Kim Garam's statement? Hybe responds to new innocent claims

The six-member group Le Sserafim will be the first girl group to debut under HYBE Labels and will make their debut with the EP, 'Fearless' (@le_sserafim/Twitter)
Le Sserafim initially debuted with six members (@le_sserafim/Twitter)

Le Sserafim to release OT5 debut documentary

Le Sserafim will be releasing an OT5 (five members) version of their debut documentary -- 'The World Is My Oyster'. It will be released on September 17 at 8 pm KST (7 am ET) on the HYBE Labels YouTube channel. The trailer showed five of the members traveling to Seoul and their first meetings in the HYBE building. In the practice clips, Garam is either cropped out or the editors used clips when she wasn't present. Some think in the final ending pose, CGI was used to erase her. 

The general public has actually turned in the favor of Kim Garam now as she personally spoke about the bullying scandal after leaving HYBE. Fans think that despite saying the same thing as HYBE, netizens believe her because her words hold more weight. On top of that, she also released the full reports including the school violence committee meeting, unlike the accuser who cropped out all the information except Garam's name. And with HYBE now erasing her from the debut documentary, Le Sserafim fans are asking for justice.


'Didn't deserve this'

One said, "They legally can’t include her in the doc. once her contract is terminated, if they release any content with her in it for monetary reasons, she could sue. if they included her at all they’d have to edit her name out and blur her face. that’s the law." Another fan added, "If Garam’s controversy is not included in this documentary I won’t consider it to be real and raw like they want it to appear because it would have definitely effected their debut." One fan shared, "So soumu/hybe really planned everything from the start garam was never in the group.."

Another posted, "I can't imagine how garam would feel after seeing those ot5 scenes.. my girl didn't deserve this and i don't want her to get hurt through this issue anymore but hybe and soumu don't seem to let it happen. i just want her to be happy from now on, nothing more.." One fan tweeted, "If only hybe let garam speak up and reveal the whole truth garam would be still part of lesserafim still part of the 1st comeback and part of the documentary." Another explained why Garam was missing, "Since she is No More Contracted with Hybe; Company Can't Use Her Face/image anymore. Because it will be illegal to use Non artist Clips. & why she is missing in some video clips? They croped her out/Photoshoped her Using CGI./they choosed the clips where she is missing."


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