Kim Dong-hee bullying row: Victim's mom says actor lied and never apologized

Kim Dong-hee bullying row: Victim's mom says actor lied and never apologized
Kim Dong-hee shares he has apologized to the victim (@kim_d.he/Instagram)

Kim Dong-hee’s bullying case is taking a turn for the worse. At first, fans thought it was fake since the accusations against him cropped up in early 2021, at the same time many fake bullying rumors circulated around actors and K-pop idols. He then went on to deny all claims and sue the alleged victim. Furthermore, even his agency shared that he had been acquitted. But following a police report that has exposed the ‘Extracurricular’ actor’s bullying, he and the victim’s mother have released statements that contradict each other.

Almost a year after the bullying allegations, on December 28, 2021, Kim Dong-hee’s agency shared that he was innocent. The ‘Itaewon Class’ star claimed that he would never bully the victim who had a disability since two of his family members had disabilities. Furthermore, he came from a poor environment and never would have done anything to cause a social scandal. He had also supposedly submitted letters from former elementary school classmates and teachers to prove he was not a bully.

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Actor Kim Dong-hee comes clean about bullying his classmate, apologizes to victim


Kim Dong-hee admits to some bullying allegations

However, a police report shared on January 12, 2022, revealed that Kim Dong-hee had admitted to some of the allegations including pushing and kicking the alleged victim. The victim had also been found not guilty of defamation that Dong-hee had sued them for. After it circulated on social media, the K-drama actor released an apologetic statement the next day. He shared that he did have a fight with the victim in Grade 5. Both were disciplined by a teacher. He and his mother then apologized to the victim’s family, patched up and even had dinner together. He thought the matter was resolved and hence stayed quiet when the victim again spoke up in early 2021.


Victim’s mother says the actor lied

However, he acknowledged the scars that may have been left by him due to the fight and hence said, “I sincerely apologize for the hurt that my friend [suffered that] has been inflicted on [my friend] by me, and I want to resolve it in the future.” However, according to an interview by the victim’s mother on January 17, Kim Dong-hee’s apologetic statement is just a strategy to quell the scandal and that he has actually never personally reached out and apologized to the victim. The mother said that she didn’t even expect an apology and only disclosed the case so that his other victims also get justice.



She was angry that Kim Dong-hee was only acknowledging her child’s case since it was documented and not the many other victims he had bullied. The mother also claimed that he had lied in his apology statement. According to her, there was never a friendly argument that turned into a fight and the both of them were not disciplined because, “he simply assaulted my child saying he just didn't like my kid, punching multiple times in his face. He even threatened my child when he was down without having full control over his body. That's why the vice president of the school apologized.”

The mother also shared that they had never gotten together, never studied together and Kim Dong-hee’s family had never had a meal with them. She also pointed out that if the actor wanted to apologize why did he sue the victim for defamation. She added, “The apology letter states as if it were a fight between friends but once again, I assure you that Kim Dong Hee and my child were never friends. Never even ate together for once. Kim Dong Hee approached him out of nowhere and punched him in the face multiple times, choked and threatened him when he was down. This incident has scarred my child to this date.”

She ended her interview by sharing that she did not want Kim Dong-hee to belittle the severity of the case, take responsibility for his actions and apologize to all of his victims.


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 Kim Dong-hee kdrama extracurricular bullying row: Victim's mom says actor lied and never apologized