Is K-drama actor Kim Dong-hee truly a bully? Police statement disappoints fans

A police report claims that Kim Dong-hee's agency's statement about him being innocent and being acquitted in the bullying scandal might have been false

                            Is K-drama actor Kim Dong-hee truly a bully? Police statement disappoints fans
K-drama actor Kim Dong-hee has been accused of bullying and sexually assaulting two victims while he was in school (@kim_d.he/Instagram)

By now, all K-pop and K-drama fans know that in early 2021, there was a systematic attack by trolls on artists claiming that they were school bullies. School bullying in South Korea is extremely violent and so the public turned its backs on these artists. Fortunately, most of the allegations turned out to be false as seen in the case of actor Jisoo and Stray Kids’ Hyunjin. And so, fans thought that the same outcome would follow ‘Extracurricular’ star Kim Dong-hee.

Just before the year ended, on December 28, 2021, Kim Dong-hee’s agency released a favorable statement claiming that the K-drama actor had been acquitted. The ‘Itaewon Class’ star was embroiled in a bullying scandal where an alleged victim with a disability claimed that he had been assaulted by Kim Dong-hee when they were in elementary school. The actor’s label shared that he had submitted statements from former classmates and teachers that seemed to prove that he had not been a bully.

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Kim Dong-hee admits to bullying

Kim Dong-hee had further confessed that two members of his immediate family had disabilities and so he would have never hurt the alleged victim. He also claimed that he came from a poor background and so would have never done anything to create a scandal. And while many of the statements made by the alleged victim might be false, the police have now shared that there is some truth to the accusations. A Korean media outlet shared that they had the police report of the investigation that makes it seem that Kim Dong-hee might have been a bully.

The police report claims that the actor had indeed admitted to assaulting the alleged victim in fifth grade but had denied some of the accusations. He had shared that parts like threatening the victim with a scissor or cutter were exaggerated. However, Kim Dong-hee “admitted that he pushed 'K' in the chest with his hands, then went on to kick 'K' in the chest with his foot.” He has also accused the victim of having malicious intent for making the situation much more serious than it was. 


The victim found not guilty of defamation

According to the police report, “It is difficult to conclude that ‘K’ [victim’s] claims against Kim [Dong-hee] are completely false.” The alleged victim had also been forwarded to the prosecution who had proclaimed them as not guilty of defamation of Kim Dong-hee’s character since there was a lack of evidence from the plaintiff’s side (Kim Dong-hee). In fact, the victim had been issued an apology on behalf of the vice-principal, Kim Dong-hee, and his mother due to the assault. The victim also has statements of classmates who were witnesses to the assault led by Kim Dong-hee. 

The sexual assault case

There was a second victim who claimed that Kim Dong-hee sexually assaulted them. The victim too was found not guilty of defamation. The investigation of the second case is still ongoing since one of the witnesses ‘D’ claims to have participated in the sexual assault led by Kim Dong-hee. The police report shares that the actor’s agency released only selective information in the December 28 statement. In response to this lengthy report, the agency said, “We will check the matter.” The victims have shared that they have not yet received an apology from Kim Dong-hee following the scandal.

Fans are torn over the report

Some fans tried to reason, "I just don't understand. They did apologize so why did the victims still raise this issue?! They did apologise during their elementary school but the victims still wants him and his company to apologise in recent time?" Another fan tweeted, "It was f*cking elementary school, build a bridge and get over it. ffs." But one explained, "Yeah... but I still don't think it's wrong to apologize to the victim. In some cases the emotional damage caused by bullying lasts a lifetime, regardless of when it was done." Another fan shared, "I loved him since a-teen. This is so shocking." One disappointed fan said, "Fck, ok bye for the real.. even though i still love your previous work."







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