'Killing Eve' season 2: Villanelle's injuries and lack of control could turn her into something far more dangerous

'Killing Eve' season 2: Villanelle's injuries and lack of control could turn her into something far more dangerous

With the second season of BBC America's hit thriller 'Killing Eve' arriving in less than a month, the anticipation has peaked regarding what more we will get to see in the cat-and-mouse chase between the titular MI5 agent Eve, and her target - psychopath assassin, Villanelle. But while Eve (Sandra Oh) explicitly admits she's losing her mind in the last released trailer of the new season when it comes to Villanelle (Jodie Comer), things aren't all that sorted for the murderer either, and it's not just her physical ailments.

To say that these ailments do not have a part to play in Villanelle's current crisis would also be wrong because as fans will remember, the source of it was a violent stab with a kitchen knife that came from Eve. All of that happened in the finale episode of the debut season, after which, things ended on that very teasing cliffhanger, where Villanelle jumps from the building's balcony and Eve assumes she is dead.



But even though Villanelle is far from dead, and back to her teasing, taunting, old habits once again, it has left her pretty shaken and stirred. In that, even though Villanelle is doing her best to make the most out of her physical limitations, including the slight limp she's walking with, at her core, she is quite vulnerable. She is injured and knows that her little game with Eve can have pretty dangerous consequences once again, just the way it did - quite unexpectedly so - the first time the two of them had come face to face.

Comer explained it brilliantly in an interview with Glamour, saying that "For someone who is always on top, she's very much on the bottom of the food chain" following the face-off between her and Eve. What must be noted here is that Villanelle - despite her childish tactics and a closet full of couture - is at the end of the day an assassin. And a damn good one at that too. She is extremely meticulous in her ways, as was exhibited in the entirety of the first season, where she went about teasing and mocking Eve and also Eve's growing obsession with the target, that is her own self.



As Villanelle turned the story into a classic one of the hunter getting hunted, we saw glimpses of her confidence, and in general demeanor of how sorted she is when it comes to the tasks she undertakes. So for her to be on the receiving end of such a sexually charged backstabbing (not literally, because Eve had stabbed her in the stomach) must have caused an absolute knock out of all the assurance she had about her combat skills. So it all makes sense why in season 2, Comer would ask us to expect a Villanelle who is "never in this situation—she's not in control at all."

It is this realization of a lack of control that has us the most thrilled because we have seen Villanelle all calm and poised, going about her duties and pursuits. But what happens when that control dissipates and her madness is unleashed? True, Villanelle wants all the 'normal stuff' from life, but she also wants them from Eve. So clearly this time around she isn't going to stop at just flower boxes with cryptic messages addressed to the agent, as the trailer reveals. With her fashion sense at an all-time high, we see Villanelle basking around in the glory of Paris; but as she runs loose and tries to draw Eve in, her lack of control could trigger something far more sinister than what we have witnessed in the first season.



Right at the beginning of the new trailer for season two, Villanelle's voiceover very soothingly warns us that when you love someone you do crazy things. So don't be entirely surprised if you see some more knives being punched into unsuspecting people, while Villanelle is laughing menacingly at the other end of it. 

'Killing Eve' returns with season 2 on April 7, only on BBC America.

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