'Killing Eve' season 2: Villanelle's hunt for Eve is going to bring her teasingly close, reveal new photos

'Killing Eve' season 2: Villanelle's hunt for Eve is going to bring her teasingly close, reveal new photos

With the release date of season two of 'Killing Eve' getting closer by the second, excitement and anticipation continues to build up for the sexually-charged chase between the detective and the psychopath murderer. BBC America, meanwhile, is adding fuel to the fire by posting teaser shots of what's about to unfold between the main characters this time around.

What we already know is that things are only getting far more dangerous when it comes to the murderous psychopath Villanelle (Jodie Comer) and MI5 agent Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh). And much like the previous season, even though Eve is supposed to hunt down Villanelle, it is the latter who is sending her mysterious gifts with cryptic messages, taunting her only to draw her in closer.  

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But while the trailers and teasers released so far only show Eve and Villanelle set in their own surroundings, trying to get closer to the other for their individual pursuits, in a newly released photo we get to see exactly how close Villanelle is getting to Eve, and let us warn you — it's borderline creepy.


True, the ever so teasing and emotionally intense cliffhanger that the season one finale ended on was enough to leave chills down our spine, but imagine Villanelle inches away from Eve, only for the latter to have no clue or idea about the assassin lurking behind her.


Almost unrecognizable in her new avatar, Villanelle once again indulges in her varying costumes and fashionably chic aura to pull off a nerdy, more scholarly look — complete with glasses and a headband — as she walks along the streets of Paris just inches behind Eve.


A plethora of stunts that the trained assassin could come up with to maim or even just kidnap her target Eve comes to mind, but there is also a high chance that Villanelle has no clue about her proximity with Eve either. The photos show the two of them walking in the crowd, but neither of them looks like they might have spotted the other.


So far it seems like an unplanned coincidence, but for all you know, it could be more and that's what makes the situation all the more dangerous, because while Villanelle is effortlessly violent, Eve is no less resilient about the risk she is ready to take to finally meet her.


However, if that fails to excite you, this additional piece of news will be a sure shot hit with the fans as all of Twitter has been buzzing about the BBC America recently getting renewed for another season.


The official Twitter or Instagram handle of the show is yet to address the widespread uproar that fans have indulged in, but "Killing Eve has been such a global hit for the BBC that it has secured the third series before the second has aired — but it could be the last," published The Times UK and it is a news joyous enough to binge-watch season 1, ahead of April 7, when season 2 finally arrives.

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