'Killing Eve's Season 2 premiere shows Carolyn answer all the questions fans are asking, in the most Carolyn way

'Killing Eve's Season 2 premiere shows Carolyn answer all the questions fans are asking, in the most Carolyn way

'Killing Eve' returned on April 7 with its second season, and by the looks of it, the show is wasting no time to dive into the questions fans have been plagued with ever since the extremely teasing cliffhanger that the season 1 finale left us with. Thanks to the first episode of this season, fans saw the titular MI6 agent from the show, that is Sandra Oh's Eve Polastri, shooting some extremely important questions at her boss, Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw). But don't worry, we won't spoil the answers to these questions for you. Not much.

We have already found out that Villanelle (Jodie Comer) — the serial assassin Eve was hunting down — is far from dead, despite Eve believing she had killed her. Deep within she also knows that there's a heavy chance that Villanelle managed to survive and will come for Eve at one point of time or the other. This is only further accentuated by the fact that both Eve and Villanelle feel this inexplicable attraction towards each other, and that's probably why Eve — tired with her boss' conspicuous air of mystery about the case — explodes finally.



Eve might be asking her boss vapid questions like "How do you look so nice all the time," in the next episode, but for the premiere, she was all about the valid questions — that is, Eve asking her boss just why exactly has she been brought back into the interrogation. In a fit of frustration added with rage, Eve explodes at Carolyn, when the latter questions her about Villanelle's current state. Of course, being the ever so docile, simple, confused detective, Eve starts off with a list of possible sightings of the serial killer, but it soon turns into a row of interrogation between her and her boss.

As Eve asks "What am I doing here, Carolyn?" and pauses, you can already tell this woman is not screwing around; she wants her answers, and she wants them now. She asks why she has been brought back for "going through the charade of playing your (Carolyn's) little tet," but the fun part is the way Carolyn tackles the situation. Almost as if establishing her authority on a junior, and being simultaneously witty, the older woman answers that Eve is "Proving yourself."



But Eve isn't going to take wit and sass for an answer, and soon shoots her questions like "What's going on with Konstantin and Moscow, and what were you doing talking to Villanelle in that prison? Who do you even work for? Are you part of The Twelve?"

Intense, right? Called for the long pause that follows Eve's questions in the scene, but once again, Carolyn manages to upstage Eve in her own interrogation, as she responds with her own set of questions. "What really happened in Paris? Why was Nadia's note addressed particularly to you? Why are you and Villanelle so interested in each other?" asks Carolyn, and the look on Eve's face is enough to tell us that she feels defeated. Like Carolyn says, two can play this game and as soon as Eve says she needs to go home, Carolyn makes another quick jab at her for wanting to do so.



Things get interesting after this because Carolyn raises the alarm about the Villanelle situation, and how risky that will prove to be for Eve. She warns Eve that whether she works for them or not, Villanelle will come for her. "There's no need to pretend," Carolyn tells Eve, before adding that "If she's (Villanelle) alive, you need to find her, before she finds you. And she will." This alone is enough to let us know that Carolyn indeed knows more about Villanelle and her tactics than anybody else on the notice. And notice how skillfully she evades all of Eve's questions about Konstantin, Moscow, and The Twelve — only confirming our theories that Carolyn might indeed be more than just an MI5 agent like she lets on. 

Is it possible she is actually a part of The Twelve? Find out when 'Killing Eve' returns with its episode 2 on Sunday, April 14, only on BBC America.

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