'Killing Eve' spoilers for season 2 episode 2 suggest things are moving quite fast for Eve

'Killing Eve' spoilers for season 2 episode 2 suggest things are moving quite fast for Eve

Killing Eve has just returned with season 2, and while we are still trying to recover from the marvel that was the first episode, fans were greeted with the blissful news of the show getting renewed for season 3! But before that, what we absolutely need to talk about is the upcoming second episode's trailer, as it proves things are going to just keep getting better. Titled, 'Nice and Neat', the second episode concentrates on the comic element of the show which has been critically acclaimed for its dark and oddly timed humor. Surely not everything is going to be nice and neat like the titular Eve Polastri's impression of her boss, Carolyn Martens' appearance, but such is the charm of the show.

So far,  we know for a fact that contrary to the Mi6 agent Eve's (Sandra Oh) beliefs, her target and serial assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer) isn't dead. But nobody in Eve's close circle and directly involved in the case knows that. Yet while Eve is busy trying to overcome the realization of what she did to Villanelle in the season 1 finale (stabbed her in the gut, that is), Villanelle is busy trying to find a place to hide as she walks around Paris in hideous outfits. In almost a twist of fate, the spy thriller turned sexually charged cat-and-mouse game between the two ladies only keeps getting twisted as they are pushed back into the comfort zones that they kind of lost their habit of enjoying.




It might seem like both are trying to fit back into their normal life, but episode 2 reveals that might not be the case. At times, Eve finds herself having to answer why she and Kenny Stowton (Sean Delaney) are meeting up at closed corners and talking in hushed tones, while at other times she finds herself asking Carolyn how she manages to look so good all the time. Here's a fun fact: it's "moisturizer", as Fiona Shaw's character responds to her junior's question. "It's made of pig placenta."

In many ways, Eve's befuddlement comes across every time her husband is in the scene. It's clear that her married life won't ever be the same after her encounter with Villanelle, and as the second episode would reveal, Villanelle is not herself either. The trailer ends off with the extremely teasing cliffhanger where Villanelle screams into the phone "Eve Polastri you piece of-" and the line goes dead, but on the other end of the line happens to be Eve herself staring in disbelief at a phone with its receiver hanging off the wall. 





If you thought Eve and Kenny's coworker asking them if they are having an affair, and Eve answering that with a jubilant 'Yes,' was a confirmation to that in the trailer, you might think otherwise. Funnily enough, the last scene of the trailer makes it seem like the whole question of the affair arose because Eve now finally knows that Villanelle isn't dead, and she and Kenny are discussing the case, when their coworker spots them.

'Killing Eve' season 2 returns with its episode 2 on Sunday, April 14, only on BBC America.

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