'Killing Eve' season 2 episode 7 spoilers will leave fans worried about Eve and Villanelle

'Killing Eve' season 2 episode 7 spoilers will leave fans worried about Eve and Villanelle

This article contains spoilers for season 2, episode 6

This week 'Killing Eve' spices things up by turning Eve docile as she accepts that her obsession with Villanelle is not at all normal, but on the other hand, someone else might be getting a little too obsessed with the show's favorite professional assassin - as is clear from the promo-video for the upcoming episode 7 - 'Wide Awake' .

The psychologist from last week, in episode 6 'I hope you like missionary!', is back again for another quick evaluation of Eve's (Sandra Oh) current emotional state that will determine how suited she is for a case involving Villanelle (Jodie Comer). But without wasting any time, the expert gets straight to the point, asking Eve "How much of the day do you spend thinking about her (Villanelle)?" And also as if in submission - after weeks of trying to fight it off - Eve gives in and accepts just how far deep she has landed herself in, as she admits: "Most of it."


While we're all in for Eve finally accepting to people other than herself that may be - on the off chance - she isn't just a cop assigned to the psychopath, serial killer. Maybe there's more to that than just a sexually charged cat-and-mouse game for two, but we have always known that. Probably why Niko (Owen McDonnell) finally moving out of their house didn't hit as hard at it should have. We know Eve and Villanelle are the end game, so it's about time Eve starts admitting it just as openly as Villanelle does. 



Speaking of Villanelle, we see a very stern Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) tell someone: "I hate to be strict but you really mustn't kill anyone," and while it's not confirmed who is being told that, a shot of a shocked Eve appearing right after Carolyn says that in the clip convinces us that it has got to do something with Villanelle. Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) and Villanelle are still bonding over their new mission where the serial killer has to go undercover and get into Aaron Peele - the owner of Farraday's - nasty business through his sister, but she ends up finding a razor wire on her that wasn't attached with her knowledge so things can be expected to take a turn for the worse. Let's add to that a creepy voiceover of a man saying, "You're the only person in the world I know nothing about," as Villanelle is in the focus of the scene, and it is suggested that it's the killer's life we're scared for!


A shot of a very scared Niko also pops up in the promo video, meaning he gets attacked. Either Villanelle or worse, someone is trying to threaten Eve by harming Niko - and given the circumstances, our money's on Peele as he will try whatever it takes to get Eve off his case. But given Eve's current workplace situation, she's the one who is in the bigger mess here, because as she points out to Hugo that Villanelle is working for them, Hugo questions back asking if she's sure about that. And we're back to square one about whose life we should be more scared about - Villanelle or Eve?

'Killing Eve' returns with its episode 7 of season 2 on Sunday, May 19, at 9 pm, only on BBC America.

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