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'Killing Eve' season 2 episode 6 is all about teaching Eve not to mess with Villanelle

They pick up the pace and bring out the darkness in their games as Eve tries to fight for Niko, while Villanelle attempts to establish that she's still got it as a serial killer.

This article contains spoilers for season 2, episode 6.

This week's episode of 'Killing Eve' season 2 comes loaded with a lot of surprises, as usual, but what's striking is just how far the titular Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) and her favourite target assassin, Villanelle (Jodie Comer), are willing to go in their individual pursuits of what matters to them.

While for Eve, this season has been about trying to get her husband, Niko Polastri (Owen MDonnell), to grow accustomed ot her job requirements, for Villanelle, it has been about remaining relevant to Eve.

Sadly, as they stand in the middle of this season, both couldn't be farther from their goals. So they pick up the pace and bring out the darkness in their games as Eve tries to fight for Niko, while Villanelle attempts to establish that she's still got the chops as a serial killer.

Episode 6 'I Hope You Like Missionary!' begins shorty after the events that transpired towards the end of the previously aired episode 5: 'Smell Ya Later'. Niko has been told by Villanelle almost everything about what had happened between her and Eve, including the stabbing, so of course there's an intense moment of confrontation between the two, that ends with some crazy, dark, kinky sex.

Sadly, contrary to Eve's idea of how it all ended, Niko realizes he cannot put up with the risk and mystery of her job anymore and the inevitable happens. He leaves.

It's interesting how the show chose to place this separation after things went back to normal between the two as the initial episodes of season 2 showed. They braved Eve's job and a rather touchy feely coworker of Niko's together, and their marriage still seemed unweathered by the developments. Niko moving out of their house at this point is as much a curveball to us viewer as it is to Eve, because they were couple goals pretty much, but then again - moving on!


Speaking about couple goals, Eve's boss Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw) is definitely not getting girlfriend of the year award as Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) shows up at her house unannounced at the crack of dawn and starts making breakfast, while she still has her 'old friend' from the previous night, shirtless and roaming in her house.

It is uncertain whether Carolyn and this new undressed man are a thing or not, but he does seem a little taken aback when she labels him as just a friend. It's official, Carolyn is a bigger mystery than the professional psychopath assassin on the show and there's not a thing we can do about it. 

Just like there's nothing much Eve can do about Villanelle or how she wishes to carry on her task as an undercover agent trying to get closer to Aaron Peele, through his sister, Amber. As one by one all the people closest to the Peele's organization keeping dropping dead, the MI6 tries to dig deeper into the case with zero cooperation from Peele. So of course they target his vulnerable sister by getting Villanelle to bond with her through an AA meeting.

This is where once again, Comer's brilliance as an artiste comes into play. As Villanelle gets "honest" about the issues plaguing her during the AA meeting, out comes the nihilist in her character. The whole romanticisation of serial killers has been overdone on TV and movies in the recent past, but there's a certain naivete that Villanelle brings to the table about her pursuits to kill her boredom.

She talks about how she hurts herself just to feel something and how easily she loses interest in the things she does, hoping they would kill her boredom. Villanelle is not your angry assassin trying to get back at the world for what's it done to her. For her, the only problem is how much of a control her boredom exercises on her.

So even as she tells Eve that the only thing that makes MI6 agents interesting is Villanelle, there's a flicker in her eyes that serves as a threat for Eve. Villanelle likes knowing Eve is still on the hook, and she ensures that by a pretty gruesome murder in the episode. That, followed by hitting Aaron Peele right on the nose, of course. As for Eve, her fight for Niko doesn't bear any success sadly, but she too has the last word in the end. She manages to scare the life out of Niko's new lady friend and at that moment, it almost looks like Eve has graduated under the tutelage of the psychopath that is Villanelle.

Episode 5 confirmed that the darkness in Eve is growing, thanks to every new encounter with Villanelle; and episode 6 comes bearing solid proofs of what happens when the trainee tries to one-up the trainer. 

'Killing Eve' returns with episode 6 on season 2 on May 11 at 9 pm, only on BBC America.