'Killing Eve' season 2 'Quiet' trailer finally addresses Eve and Villanelle's crazy obsession with each other

'Killing Eve' season 2 'Quiet' trailer finally addresses Eve and Villanelle's crazy obsession with each other

When the 'Killing Eve' finale aired last year, viewers could tell for a fact that it wasn't the end of the detective and villain cat-and-mouse chase tale. Soon a second season was announced and that only confirmed our speculations because there has to be a follow up to the extremely thrilling and even more so teasing cliffhanger the season ended on. Sure enough, the teaser to the second season agrees with our opinions because not only are the leading ladies played by Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer back to the chase but this time their obsession with each other reaches an all-time high. So much so that even other people start pointing it out, as reveals the most recently released second trailer for season 2.

The first trailer released for season 2 picked up just minutes after the cliffhanger season 1 had ended on. In that, we see MI6 agent Eve Polastri (Oh) informing someone over the phone that she thinks she might have killed the cold-blooded murderer Villanelle (Comer.) But we soon find out that Villanelle is far from dead; in fact, she is back to her teasing, taunting ways of drawing Eve closer to her - as if mocking her because she is a detective who has been tasked to kill someone she is simply obsessed with.


Just like Villanelle's voiceover right at the beginning of the new trailer remarks 'When you love someone, you do crazy things', the two of them can be seen doing some pretty insane things in their attempt to seek each other. But somewhere along the lines of the two of them losing their minds and ways in their pursuit, the trailer also voices out the question everybody new to the show would be found asking themselves: Why this strange obsession with each other? 



The question arises in the trailer through Fiona Shaw's character Carolyn Martens when she asks Eve directly "Why are you and Villanelle so interested in each other?" But worry not, Eve is here to answer your curiosity about this undeniable magnetic connection the two of them have, even if Villanelle is too busy plotting somewhere else. Eve readily replies to Carolyn's question saying Villanelle 'is instinctive and flamboyant', but there's no missing the spark in her eyes and the body language she exhibits when she talks about what she probably considers are Villanelle's charms.



Speaking about Villanelle's charms, as the trailer flips through a montage of her in crazy attires and dress-ups, we also get to see the impulsive side of Villanelle when a random passer-by tells her "Wow you look amazing can I take a picture of you for my Instagram?" And Villanelle gives her an expression of disgust and shock. In her ever so impulsive, yet nonchalant nature, she replies "No, no of course not. Get a real life." That, right there, is what steals the show as all of Eve's claims about her get established. Villanelle dresses flamboyantly and appears in publicly on impulse, but doesn't want to be seen or documented by anybody other than Eve - which is a remarkable portrayal of her obsession with the latter.



To say that Eve is accepting the evident sexual tension between her and Villanelle would also be wrong because while she says 'it feels like I'm losing my mind a little bit,' she is also ever so cautious to not seem so immersed in the killer she is supposed to hunt down. When Carolyn asks her at the end of the trailer whether she has any idea, or feelings about where Villanelle might have gone, all Eve can answer to is the feelings part. "No. No feelings," she insists, trying to hide so hard that she is in fact in too deep. The hunter is being hunted and there's no denying the obsession anymore, Eve.

'Killing Eve' returns to BBC America with its season 2, on Sunday, April 7.

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