What is Kill with Eva? Internet sleuths hunt for animal murderer who posted chopped up kitten limbs on Instagram

The internet is trying to prevent a Luka Magnotta situation, once again

                            What is Kill with Eva? Internet sleuths hunt for animal murderer who posted chopped up kitten limbs on Instagram
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A lookout for the person behind the second wave of posting animal abuse content on the internet has been set into motion. The said person has created a number of sock puppet social media accounts and internet sleuths are determined to put a stop to this. This is the second time that something of this nature has shaken everyone to their core. The first time was at the beginning of this decade when videos like '1lunatic 2 cats' went viral on the internet. It featured two feeble kittens and a white male who killed them by placing them in a vacuum-lock bag, suffocating them. This person developed a taste for killing, filming, and then posting snuff videos on the internet and didn't stop at just cats. A Chinese engineering student was stabbed with an ice pick multiple times, his parts chopped up and shipped to various parts across the country of Canada, some parts had even been sent to government officials. 

The person was eventually identified as Luka Magnotta, a gay porn star, whose case became the major focus of the Netflix documentary 'Don't F**k with Cats'. It's been eight years since Magnotta was arrested from an Internet cafe in Berlin, and was sentenced to life in prison. However, a new lunatic is on the rise and is continuing to carry forward the horrendous legacy left behind by Magnotta. Multiple sock puppet accounts have been created on Instagram and one on Twitter by this new person who supposedly goes by the name Eva. 

What is Kill With Eva?

The individual behind all these accounts started off by posting pictures of a black and white cat named Leo. Also in the frame were the words 'Kill with Eva' scribbled on a piece of paper. This person also had an account by the username mrs_magnotta, a very disturbing choice of name. This was the account where the severed and bloodied limbs apparently belonging to Leo were posted. This gory image was coupled with the person who posted this casually seeking advice about discarding the remains. A number of animal rights and protection organizations were summoned by people in the comments section and mrs_magnotta was taken down by Instagram. However, a number of other sock puppet accounts are still floating around on the photo-sharing app, all of which have photographs of Leo. 

What is KillwithEva.ru?

Since social media puts a cap on the content that is fit to be shared, this person only resorts to posting the full-length videos of the deed on their website. People on the internet who've seen the appalling videos have taken to Twitter in an attempt to get people to come together, gather evidence against the individual behind the sick acts, and put them behind bars. John Green and Deanna Thompson were leading the hunt online for Magnotta. They along with the others who worked endlessly to gather evidence were very instrumental in closing in the net on Magnotta and the ones who've found out about KillwithEva too are hoping that their efforts could count and they could stop a bigger crime from happening. 

Who is behind the page?

The person goes by the name of "Eva", however, there's not much proof if that's a real name. There's not much information available, officially, about the identity of this person. But users are pulling out all stops in order to nab this person. Several of them claim to have tracked down the IP address and narrowed in on the identity of the person but no confirmations are out yet. You can follow the investigation by Internet sleuths on Twitter and on Reddit.  

Why is the internet angry?

The account had posted a couple of photos of a black and white cat named Leo along with the words 'Kill With Eva' scribbled on a piece of torn paper, also in the frame. The person also owns a website killwitheva.ru where all the snuff videos are allegedly posted, we cannot verify this entirely as the site doesn't load completely for us. However, people on Twitter have attested to the fact that the videos and the website still remain on the Internet for everyone to see. 

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