Retired FBI agent spots suspicious clue about Kiely Rodni's death on memorial service poster

Retired FBI agent spots suspicious clue about Kiely Rodni's death on memorial service poster
Retired FBI agent spots suspicious clue about Kiely Rodni's death on memorial service poster(Lindsey Nieman/ Facebook, CoffindafferFBI/ Twitter )

PLACER COUNTY, CALIFORNIA: A retired FBI agent has discovered a clue on the memorial service poster for Kiely Rodni, whose body was found in the backseat of her submerged car in a reservoir. Rodni, 16, disappeared on August 6, in Truckee, California, following a school-end celebration. 

Two weeks after her disappearance, a group of divers stepped in and found her body in the back of her car in the Prosser Creek Reservoir. Many people have speculated that there may have been foul play involved in her mysterious death, which has raised many questions. Web sleuths have just discovered a significant clue on Kiely's memorial service poster. Jennifer Coffindaffer, a retired FBI agent, observed that although the poster included the teen's birthdate, it omitted the date of death. 


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Coffindaffer tweeted on Friday, September 16, "Okay, I just had a chance to look closely at the announcement regarding #KielyRodni and I find it extremely interesting that while her date of birth is denoted, her date of death is not..."

Twitter users quickly issued their own explanations, with many claiming that Kiely's autopsy report's delay is to blame. One user tweeted, "Not interesting or suspicious. autopsy results are not in yet." "Waiting for full autopsy possibly?" another user penned. One curious user wrote, "That is weird! I see they put August 2022 but no day. So are they maybe waiting on everything to come back and is this indicative that there possibly is another narrative besides accident? I have never seen that before, so I am very curious."




The search for the teen took 19,000 search hours, involving police, the FBI and hundreds of volunteers. However, Adventures With Purpose joined on August 21 and almost soon after, the teen's body was discovered. Group member Doug Bishop, a former tow truck driver and now a sonar expert, along with scuba instructor Nick Rinn, searched the Prosser Reservoir for just 35 minutes before they found Rodni's body. The SUV was found upside down in the water about 14ft down and 55ft from the shore. Her remains were found in the cargo hatch. Bishop said that it was peculiar how Rodni's vehicle ended up where it did as she would have to make a sharp left turn onto a dirt path about a quarter mile from the main road.


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