#HappyKeyDay: SHINee Key's fans donate $11K to charity on idol's 31st birthday

Fans of Key have donated $11K to a charity that provides care to children suffering from leukemia

                            #HappyKeyDay: SHINee Key's fans donate $11K to charity on idol's 31st birthday
SHINee's Key has a fanbase that donated more than $11K to celebrate his 31st birthday (@SHINee/Twitter, Instagram)

After being in the industry for as long as SHINee has been and amassing a high fanbase as they have, the members have rubbed off a positive influence on their fans in every aspect possible. Fans of every group put a lot of effort and initiative to do something for their favorite idols on special occasions that idols celebrate.

The concept of donating to a charity is one of the most fruitful gifts idols could ask for from fans. Shawols from all around the world have reported their kind acts of charity. Around the time when many poor countries were stricken by Covid-19 in the year 2020, fans of SHINee from around the world collected a huge sum in order to donate on behalf of idols.


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Shawols donate to celebrate Key's birthday

In order to make their gifts memorable as SHINee's Key celebrates his 31st birthday on September 23, his Korean fanbase called 'Keyboard' donated 13.2 million won ($11,000) to the Korea Leukemia Children's Foundation. In Korea, about four children are diagnosed with cancer every day and about 12,000 children get treatment fighting cancer in a year.

Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation has a commitment to providing social services for children with cancer so that they can receive medical treatment and return to society healthily. With the thought that young children will benefit highly from this huge sum, fans decided to donate the amount collected so that many young children can get the help they need.


Fans have been donating for years

The donations collected were donated under the name of Key in order to support the cancer treatment of young children and give them appropriate pediatric care. This is the seventh time Key's fanbase has made a donation to this organization on his behalf. The accumulated donations from fans so far amount to a whopping 55 million won ($47,000).

Fans who participated in the donation said: “We are happy to collect the happiness we received from SHINee's Key and deliver strength and courage to children, who are the hope of our future. We want to be a strength to the children who are suffering.” Fans of Key also celebrated his birthday on Twitter by wishing him with the hashtag, #HappyKeyDay.


'Happy Birthday Key'

One fan said, "Happy Birthday Key! You always leave us speechless with the new and incredible things you have to show! Whether it be rap, vocals, or dance, you’re an absolute all-rounder who executes with perfection! We’re so thankful to have you!" One more said, "Happy Birthday to the most precious person in the world." Another fan said, "Happiest birthday to our talented, King Kibum. May you have a day as beautiful as you."

One fan wished Key saying, "Happy Birthday our Captain Freak Kim Kibum. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication in everything that you do whether as SHINee, solo artist, fashion designer, visual director, or as an all round idol. We’re so proud of you." Another fan asked, "Who is turning 31 today?" with a video of Jonghyun chanting Key's name from an old concert.





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