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‘Girls Planet 999’: Kep1er announces global broadcast for debut album 'First Impact'

After winning the Mnet survival show, the top nine contestants will debut as a K-pop group with their first album
Kep1er will greet fans for the first time in a global broadcast programme with Mnet after making their debut with the mini-album, 'First Impact' (@official_kep1er/Twitter)
Kep1er will greet fans for the first time in a global broadcast programme with Mnet after making their debut with the mini-album, 'First Impact' (@official_kep1er/Twitter)

Born out of Mnet survival show ‘Girls Planet 999’ in a journey that started with 99 aspirants from South Korea, China, and Japan, who wanted to make their debut in the K-pop industry, and which ended with the top 9 contestants forming the group project ‘Kep1er’ - one of the hottest topics in South Korea.

With Choi Yujin, who was formerly in the K-pop group CLC, as the group’s main leader and Mashiro Sakamoto as the group’s co-leader, Kep1er is already in the news for everything the group does, and this time around, the group has decided to share with fans every part of the success and love each member of the group has received over the last few months.


Girls Planet 999's Kep1er drops debut date and concept pics for debut album

Kep1er members vote Choi Yujin as leader and Mashiro Sakamoto as co-leader

Xiaoting, Mashiro, Hikaru, Yeseo, Youngeun, Dayeon, Yujin, Bahiyyih and Chaehyun debut in Kep1er (Mnet K-POP/iQIYI)

Kep1er will prepare a global broadcast for fans

Mnet recently announced that Kep1er will first meet fans through a global broadcast show that will be aired on Mnet's digital studio ‘M2’ on the same day as Kep1er makes its debut. Kep1er had initially announced that they will make their debut with their first mini-album ‘First Impact’ on December 14 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).

The global debut program will be aired at the same time as that of the release of Kep1er’s debut album, and will be made available for all fans for free on YouTube. More details about their debut album are yet to be revealed but the group has decided to treat all global fans of the group with a debut broadcast show to thank them for their love and support as they voted for the nine members on ‘Girls Planet 999’.

Kep1er, the K-pop group born from Mnet's 'Girls Planet 999' will make their debut with their mini-album, 'First Impact' (@official_kep1er/Twitter)

What to expect at Kep1er’s debut show?

At this debut show, Kep1er plans on presenting their performances of the new songs from their upcoming debut album. Kep1er will greet fans for the first time after their debut so viewers can expect some fan interaction. The members of the group appeared on the concept photos that were released ahead of the upcoming album and have attracted a lot of attention for their flowery and soft looks as they dress in casual pinks for their debut.

The group name 'Kepler' is a combination of the Korean word 'Kep', which translates to ‘caught a dream', and the number '1', resembles the success that the group hopes to amass with their debut. Together Kep1er will catch their dream to get to the top on December 14. It is reported that the project group will continue their activities together for the next two years.