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Kep1er fans have only good things to say about TikToker DanceKang’s cover of ‘WA DA DA’

Kep1ians call out media reporters that accused the fandom of being infuriated by TikToker DanceKang’s performance of Kep1er’s ‘WA DA DA’
Kep1er fans call out media agencies that report toxic Knetz as Kep1ians to paint the fandom in negative light (@official.kep1er/Instagram)
Kep1er fans call out media agencies that report toxic Knetz as Kep1ians to paint the fandom in negative light (@official.kep1er/Instagram) 땡깡DanceKang/YouTube)

In contrast to numerous reports stating that Kep1er fans are outraged by DanceKang’s comical interpretation of Kep1er's lead single ‘WA DA DA’ from their debut mini-album ‘First Impact’, fans of the Mnet ‘Girls Planet 999’ group in reality only have good things to say about the dance cover. DanceKang is a famous Tik Tok star and YouTuber who is known for his exaggerated dance covers of popular K-pop artists.

Due to his immense popularity, more often than not, the idols that DanceKang posts covers of end up featuring in the video as guests and participate in the dance covers with him. On numerous occasions, fans of Kep1er were seen manifesting a collab between DanceKang and Kep1er members on Twitter.


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Kep1er fans accused of calling out DanceKang

On January 29, DanceKang posted his dance cover of Kep1er’s ‘WA DA DA’ which went viral instantly. Kep1er's official TikTok account also got on the act as they posted a comment on the cover video saying, “WA DA DA, Run to DanceKang”, which could be interpreted as the members wishing to join the TikToker as he dances to their song.

Despite such positive interactions between fans as well as the official account of Kep1er with DanceKang's cover, various media outlets reported that Kep1ians (Kep1er fans) were passing homophobic and nasty remarks at DanceKang. Kep1er fans addressed these reports, saying that the fandom has really been kind to DanceKang, loving the cover so much that they wished Kep1er members could join in too. These fans are calling out reporters who are painting the entire Kep1er fandom negatively.


Kep1er fans lash out at media outlets for false reporting

After various media outlets posted alleged reactions from Kep1er fans that showed hate towards DanceKang, Kep1ians of Twitter decided to take it upon themselves to call out such pages for false reporting and dragging the name of the fandom down. One Kep1er fan said, “All of the comments i have seen here abt him is being thankful for him making efforts in promoting the song and liking his dance cover!  I have never seen a criticism abt so-called exaggerated expressions.” One more fan said, “saw the screenshot twts on the article and its all from knetz who are just hating on him, those are not even kep1er fans it just so happen that they reacted on the wadada cover.”

One more fan pointed out, “No, those who hate him are not kep1er fans but Korean netizens. I often watch his content and he is indeed identical to this, he is a funny person. there's even a video that expresses more than this.” Another fan said, “Been in twitter for months and ive never heard a word from kep1ians about their facial expressions. fix your headlines.” One more fan said, “1. i dont see any kep1ian talked about this at all . at least at my side. 2. i dont see him addressing/mocking any of the member with the facial expressions. hence i dont find it offensive.”






Kep1ians always wanted Kep1er to collab with DanceKang

As soon as Kep1er released ‘WA DA DA’, fans of the group started manifesting a collab with DanceKang as they were sure his followers would garner a lot of publicity to the rookie girl group. One fan said, “Kep1er needs to do a tiktok with DanceKang.” Another fan said, “When will dancekang do a Tiktok with Kep1er.”

While many others said, “Will pay good money to see dancekang m do a collab with kep1er.” Once his dance cover was dropped, fans started talking about it on Twitter as one said, “DOES THIS MEAN KEP1ER FAMOUS?” Another fan said, “Ohhh. I was waiting for Kep1er to perform in his house. But glad he made Wadada cover.”