Ken Car$on drops debut album 'Project X', crashes Spotify: ‘He just don't miss’

Ken Car$on managed to break the Internet after ardent music enthusiasts crashed Spotify to listen to the tracks

                            Ken Car$on drops debut album 'Project X', crashes Spotify: ‘He just don't miss’
Ken Carson just dropped ‘Project X' ([email protected])

While the Internet was raging for Lil Nas X’s new single 'Industry Baby' featuring Jack Harlow, Camila Cabello’s track ‘Don’t Go Yet’ and Kanye West’s 10th album ‘Donda’ which he, unfortunately, has not released yet, a young new artist Ken Car$on quietly dropped his debut album called ‘Project X’.

But despite all the 'big artist' drama on Friday, July 23, Carson managed to break the Internet. Ardent music lovers couldn't get enough of his debut record and soon crashed Spotify. Ken Car$on quickly grabbed a spot on the trending list amongst the biggies. Speaking of new music, artistes like Lorde, and The Weeknd will soon drop their respective new albums as well.

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Ken Car$on's debut

Prior to releasing his debut full-length album, Ken Car$on shot to fame with his EPs namely ‘Boy Barbie’ and ‘Teen X’. The 23-year hip-hop artist later got signed to Playboi Carti’s label Opium. Car$on is primarily known for singing Western music and his sounds are heavily influenced by hip-hop. He was an early member of the Sons of the Pioneers, where he appeared with that group in 22 of Roy Rogers' films. Ken Car$on’s voice was featured on their iconic recordings of ‘Tumbling Tumbleweeds’ and ‘Cool Water.’

Speaking of his latest project, some of the top-notch songs include ‘So What’, ‘Rock N Roll’, ‘Clutch’, ‘Hella’ and ‘Shake’ among others. He got heavily praised for his unique blend of punk and rap. You can stream his new album here.





‘This new Ken Car$on project going crazy’

Social media users logged into Twitter to praise Ken Car$on’s debut project. One stated, “Ye was scared of Ken Carson” referring to Kanye West not dropping his album ‘Donda’. Another said, “KEN CARSON SAVED MY LIFE.” One, on the other hand said, “I don’t want to see anymore tweets tonight, unless they’re about Ken Carson!” Meanwhile, another noted, “Damn Ken carson really crashed Spotify earlier.”
The next one posted, “This new ken carson project going crazy bro he just don’t miss” while one added, “Ken Carson finna be 23 calling himself a teen x rager he going out like kid cudi.” One  user shared, “Told someone i befriended in da hood that ken carson sucked and he killed me.” One individual asserted, “Ken carson had no reason to murder every track on ProjectX …i’m glad he did tho.” Another concluded, “Ken Carson project is super fire.”




















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