Why is Kanye West NOT dropping 'Donda'? Furious fans say ‘this s**t never coming out’

Kanye West and the album ‘Donda’ were trending heavily online as the 44-year-old rapper hosted a live streaming event from Atlanta

                            Why is Kanye West NOT dropping 'Donda'? Furious fans say ‘this s**t never coming out’
Kanye West has been teasing 'Donda' for a while now (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Kanye West has time and again teased his albums and has not dropped them, making his fans furious. Unfortunately, he pulled off the same stunt with his 10th studio album ‘Donda’. The multi-platinum rapper first held a secret listening party in Las Vegas and then called thousands of spectators at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Thursday, July 22, only to disappoint them later.

Kanye and the album ‘Donda’ were trending heavily on the internet as the 44-year-old rapper hosted a live streaming event. Fans rejoiced as they saw his soon-to-be ex-wife Kim Kardashian at the event with their four children, sparking reconciliation rumors. Hip-hop fans also got excited as soon as they got to know Jay-Z recorded a verse for Kanye on one of his songs. Fans also got hyped when they got to know that other features on the album include Travis Scott, Pusha T, Post Malone, Westside Gunn, Playboi Carti, Baby Keem, Lil Baby, and a few others.

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Why is Kanye West NOT dropping 'Donda?

Kanye, who recently returned to Instagram, shared a few pictures from the event as various other snippets also made their way to Twitter. The album was almost confirmed after Kanye premiered a video of the song ‘No Child Left Behind’ in a Beats advertisement that featured athlete Sha’Carri Richardson. The ad saw subtitles that clearly said ‘Donda this Friday’, referring to July 23. Much to everyone’s surprise, the ‘Life of a Pablo’ hitmaker then did not drop the album. He has not shared any official statement on the same yet but it is rumored that his new full-length record might be still in its final stages. MEAWW will keep you posted.  

‘Donda’ is Kanye’s 10th studio album and is a follow-up to his 2019 gospel album called ‘Jesus Is King’, which included guest appearances from artists namely Clipse, Ty Dolla Sign, Kenny G, Fred Hammond, Ant Clemons, along with the Sunday Service Choir. Kanye’s album won the Top Christian Album and Top Gospel Album awards at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards and also scooped the Best Contemporary Christian Music Album at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards in 2021.


‘Donda is still getting mixed RN, this s**t never coming out’

Social media users, who were eagerly waiting for the album, got real mad when ‘Donda’ was not up for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify. One optimistic user, however, said, “Relax all Kanye is just doing his last minute fixes with his perfectionist a** #DONDA.” Whereas, one made fun of the album not dropping and shared, “Ever since Kanye didn’t drop DONDA, i haven’t been able to sleep, my hairs been falling out from the stress, it hurts to eat due to how much I’ve been grinding my teeth. If Ye doesn’t drop this album soon I’m gonna have to do something about it.” Another used tweeted, “Word on the street is that Donda is still getting mixed rn , this s**t never coming out.”
Meanwhile, one tweeted, “Kanye f**king West thank you for not dropping Donda today and not taking 97% of my streams away.” One posted, “People seem to forget kanye only announces a date not a time, he runs on kanye time both Ye and Kids See Ghosts didnt drop till 8am #DONDA.” Another added, “Kanye can take as long as he wants to drop donda it just means it’ll be better,” while another concluded, “Donda is never coming out. but ily and all my homies. i ate 2 edibles earlier and my body was so f**king vibey.”