KBS removes Golden Child from concert without notice, angry Goldness say 'apologize'

After KBS replaced Golden Child from the Online K-pop Compilation Concert scheduled for October 22, fans took to Twitter to express their anger

                            KBS removes Golden Child from concert without notice, angry Goldness say 'apologize'
KBS changed their schedule without prior notice by replacing Golden Child with Stray Kids and this has angered many fans (@official_gncd11/Instagram)

KBS has done something to upset fans of fourth-gen group Golden Child. Golden Child or GolCha is a rookie group from Woolim Entertainment that debuted in 2017 with their first mini-album, 'Gol-Cha!'. The ten-member group has a dedicated fanbase called Goldness that always defends their faves. On October 21, Goldness took to Twitter to show their dismay towards KBS TV for treating Golden Child badly over the last couple of days.

The issue was taken up by fans of Golden Child when KBS was put under fire on Twitter with the trending hashtag '#KBSneedtoapologize'. Goldness called KBS out for mistreating the boy band when the network initially announced the group on a schedule only to replace them with another more popular group.


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KBS changes their schedule

On October 1, KBS had released the lineup for their 'Online K-pop Compilation Concert' which featured multiple K-pop groups including BTS, EXO, SHINee, and many more fourth-generation groups like Ateez, Infinite, The Boyz, NCT as well as Golden Child. The schedule from KBS had a day allotted to each of the artists. On each weekday of October, KBS would air a compilation of various performances from the group on their network which would serve as an online concert for fans.

Goldness were very excited by the announcement and so were the fans of the other groups on the lineup. All this was put to shame when KBS suddenly decided to post a schedule change on October 22, the day on which Golden Child was supposed to have their Online K-pop Compilation Concert, and replaced them with Stray Kids without any prior notice to fans or any reason or apology to the group. Fans are now enraged and calling the network out for mistreatment of the group.


Goldness are angry

Goldness are upset with the network that it did not think the group or its fandom was worthy enough to be notified in the event of a schedule change. They said that the fans were eager to see the journey of the group over the years only to find out that the group was replaced by another more popular group at the event.

Fans who noticed this immediately showed their disapproval by talking about how this opportunity that would have been great for Golden Child was taken away from them and handed over to a much popular group, Stray Kids. Goldness also pointed that their feud was with the network for mistreating their faves and not with Stray Kids and their fans, Stays.


#KBSneedtoapologize trends

The tweets started trending and more fandoms started to take notice of this as Goldness asked KBS to answer their questions. Fans said that KBS had mistreated the group at their recent music shows following the group’s comeback and the network not giving the group importance by keeping their comeback sets simple and putting in less effort for the group.

Fans also pointed that when KBS broadcast a clip featuring the older MCs on their music show, Bomin who was a host on the show, was not included in the clip leading more fans into believing that the group indeed is being mistreated.


'KBS Apologize to Golden Child'

Fans of Golden Child have given many valid arguments as to why KBS may be in the wrong. One fan said, "They deserved better. Imagine what golcha felt. KBS is unprofessional." Another angry fan said, "IDC IF U THINK THAT IS JUST A COMPILATION. BUT HONESTLY THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR THEM TO GROW??? I WAS SO HAPPY SEEING GOLCHA WAS INCLUDED IN THE SCHEDULE BUT THEN??? KBS WLM??? MIND TO EXPLAIN??? APOLOGIZE TO GOLCHA." Another fan said, " Another fan said, "So kbs replaced golcha on their online kpop concert compilation that was supposed to be today??? this is so dumb and stupid HJCHBJSJDCHS seriously kbs wtf is wrong with yall."

One fan politely stated, "To STAYS, hopefully none of you guys think that Goldenness hating on SKZ regarding the KBS concert (?) issue. We are mad with KBS cause its supposed to be Golcha's turn today and its not the 1st time they mistreated Golcha. Also, Goldenness, I hope no one throwing hatred to SKZ." One fan joked, "BURN KBS 2K21. APOLOGISE TO GOLCHA." One fan said, "Kbs went from treating golcha as a prince to having no interviews, no stage sets, excluding bomin and yeeun on that mcs compilation, ditching them even though they clearly put golden child on that online concert compilation and putting other group instead. nah kbs this ain't it."







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