Anti-masker dubbed 'Karen' argues with 17-year-old cashier, accuses store of 'discriminating' against her

'If you don’t, you need to leave our store. I’ve asked you many times, politely,' the cashier was heard saying in the viral video

                            Anti-masker dubbed 'Karen' argues with 17-year-old cashier, accuses store of 'discriminating' against her
'Karen' not only refused to wear a mask but also recorded the whole episode on her cellphone (Twitter)

A video has gone viral of yet another “Karen”, who refused to wear a mask inside a store and when the teen cashier at the counter asked her to, she appeared to be arguing with her. The incident reportedly took place in Alberta, Canada, recently inside the grocery store. The clip was reportedly taken by the 17-year-old cashier who shared it on TikTok and then it went viral on Twitter also. It also showed the woman in question recording the whole episode.


“So you need to wear a mask. If you don’t, you need to leave our store. I’ve asked you many times, politely. If you don’t, you need to leave our store,” the teen staff member said. In response, the woman claimed that she has some medical issues and her doctor has asked her not to cover her face. But the cashier did not seem really convinced with her excuse as she continued, “I am told that nobody gets a medical exemption in our store. That is what I am told, and I am doing my job. People like you make our job very difficult. I am a 17-year-old girl and I am asking you, a grown woman, to wear a mask. Put it on or leave.”


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In the video, the woman at no point requested to call the manager of the store to discuss her concern. She also refused to leave the store. By seeing her stubbornness and accusations that she was discriminated against, the worker eventually told her that they are calling the police. Since going online, the footage has been retweeted thousands of times with a number of comments. One such comment read, “Before even watching, I said to myself this has to be Alberta. Low and behold I was correct. Alberta is like Florida & Texas. My neighbours are gun loving rednecks and I'm out numbered.” The second comment on the video stated, “My wife has a legitimate issue with masks causing her to break out from most materials used & if she wears one, she starts having breathing issues in about 90 minutes.  MY WIFE STILL WEARS A MASK IN EVERY STORE!  Even had to help her out of a store when she started to get wobbly.”







Another user noted, “Sounds like she has anaphylactoid reactions (not immune mediated) which means she tends to react to a wide variety of things (vs specific food allergies -anaphylaxis). If she needs to wear a mask for longer periods, a small dose of Benadryl 30 mins before might help prevent rxn.” The fourth tweeted, “As a Family Doctor in Alberta, Canada, I have yet to meet a single patient who has qualified for mask exemption. Even my patients on oxygen will wear masks. Also, no business in Alberta is required to accept mask exemptions, this is not mandated by our govt, she is lying.”







The fifth user suggested, “I don't see what possible condition could keep you from wearing a mask but why can't people with medical conditions just wear a visor? Can't breathe? Put the face shield on - it's clear, it's light weight and at the very least, keeps your germs from spreading than no mask at all.” While the sixth added, “Medical exemption or not, the privately owned store has every right to refuse service if she doesn't comply. What if she had a medical exemption from wearing any clothing because cloth causes her to break out? Should the store allow her to parade around in the nude? I doubt it.”





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