Kard 'Re': Release date, music video and all about the K-pop co-ed group's return

Kard 'Re': Release date, music video and all about the K-pop co-ed group's return
KARD for their fifth mini-album 'Re' (@KARD_Official/Twitter)

It has been a while since we saw our favorite K-pop co-ed group Kard. With J.seph being the only eligible Korean male, he enlisted for his mandatory military service while the group went into an unofficial hiatus of sorts. While BM dropped singles, Somin was busy with modeling and her YouTube channel and the youngest member Jiwoo was turning heads on survival shows like ‘Double Trouble’. 

Well, with J.seph finally finishing his military service and getting discharged in April, BM teased that Kard would be having a summer comeback and their next world tour. It looks like they have been true to their words as the co-ed group is set to return with their fifth K-pop mini-album ‘Re’. Kard’s last comeback was in the summer of 2020 with the release of their single album ‘Way with Words’ and the hit lead track ‘Gunshot’. ‘Re’ is Kard’s first comeback after their label DSP merged with Mamamoo’s label RBW, which has led to high expectations.

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KARD for 'Re' (@KARD_Official/Twitter)

Release date and time

Kard’s ‘Re’ will be released on June 22 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET).


Where to listen

Kard’s fifth mini-album will be available on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.

KARD's Somin and Jiwoo for 'Re' (@KARD_Official/Twitter)


1. ‘Break Down’
2, ‘Ring The Alarm’ - Title track
3. ‘Good Love’ 
4. ‘Whip!’
5. ‘Break Down’ - Instrumental
6. ‘Ring The Alarm’ - Instrumental

All of the members have participated in the making of the tracks. All four members have written the lyrics for ‘Break Down’ while BM has helped compose it. BM and J.seph have also written the lyrics for ‘Ring The Alarm’ and ‘Whip!’. BM has co-written ‘Good Love’ while Kard's new labelmate Vromance’s Park Hyunkyu has helped in the making of ‘Whip!’. ‘Ring The Alarm’ goes back to their roots by combining their gritty Moombahton and summer tracks like ‘Bomb Bomb’ and ‘Ride on the Wind’. ‘Break Down’ shows off a mature side to Kard as their vocals shine. ‘Whip!’ is a fun and upbeat R&B track while ‘Good Love’ is a romantic song.


KARD's J.seph and BM for 'Re' (@KARD_Official/Twitter)


After dark and emo concepts, Kard is taking a glamorous route for ‘Re’ as they dropped bright concept photos of the members in high fashion outfits, blurry shots and glowing props. In the first concept photo, Kard looks ready to storm the catwalk with tie-dyed outfits, holographic makeup and edgy jewelry. For the second concept photo, they take a futuristic route with silver outfits, white and glittery makeup against a washed-out background.


Music video

Kard has released a music video teaser for ‘Ring The Alarm’. In the colorful teaser, we see the K-pop group introspecting. Somin stares at a fish tank while BM leans against a car. Jiwoo looks morose while she waits for something in a pastel-lit cafe while J.seph stares at the artwork in an empty room. In the background, we hear the instrumentals of ‘Ring The Alarm’ which has a groovy rhythm while the members dance to the Moombahton track.




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