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What is Yeezy's net worth? 'KUWTK' fans wonder if Kim Kardashian will still wear Kanye West's brand

Yeezy's impressive net worth sparked a debate amongst Twitter users on the role of the Kardashians in the brand's success.
UPDATED MAR 19, 2021
Kanye West and  'KUWTK' star Kim Kardashian in Yeezy (Kim Kardashian/ Instagram)
Kanye West and 'KUWTK' star Kim Kardashian in Yeezy (Kim Kardashian/ Instagram)

Kanye West recently made headlines when Bloomberg published a report estimating Kanye West's net worth as a whopping $6.6 billion, of which a large part came from nope not his music sales, but his Yeezy footwear brand. The Yeezy footwear brand has been valuated between an impressive $3.2 billion and $4.7 billion.

When internet users got a whiff of Yeezy's net worth, soon a debate began on Twitter over whether Kardashians, especially Kim Kardashian played any role in boosting the sneaker brand's net worth. A few users felt that Kanye owed his brand's success to Kim's aggressive marketing of the brand on her social media where she was frequently shown sporting Yeezy merchandise. While others felt that Kanye had already been working on Yeezy way before he met Kim, and the reality star didn't really contribute much to the brand. 


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The users who felt that Kim should be credited for the success of Yeezy pointed out how the 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star used her influencer status to get people to buy the Yeezy and make it a smashing success. In an earlier season of 'KUWTK', when the sisters playfully imitated each other, Kourtney decided to impersonate Kim. Kourtney turned up in Yeezy merchandise from head to toe and declared on camera how she was wearing Yeezy sweats, Yeezy sneakers, and everything Yeezy, to highlight how much the reality star supported her husband's business venture.

Clearly, many users too feel that way. A user wrote, "Let's not lie and act like Kim Kardashian didn't carry Yeezy marketing on her back for years and introduced it to all those white girls with immense buying power. Let's congratulate Kanye West without disrespecting Kimberly the mother of INFLUENCE." Another user tweeted, "Very interesting how most reports conveniently forget to mention Kim Kardashian's role in all of this. Helping him clear his debts Modelling his Yeezy brand for 2 seasons If Kanye was Broke, Doping or in rehab, everyone will be Quick to cry Kardashian curse." "Talking like Kim didn’t clear his debt And promote yeezy like something else," seconded another fan.





Many other users felt that Kanye's Yeezy was successful even prior to Kim's involvement with the brand. A user shared, "Kanye was Kanye before Kim. You think people who wear Yeezy wear it bc a kardashian was the model? And let’s be honest, Kanye went crazy while being apart of that family." "Black women really be out here defending Kim Kardashian with their whole chest as if Kanye wasn’t already a cultural force before they dated... you think she would’ve even looked his way if he wasn’t musical genius, chart topping, sellout in an hour Yeezy Kanye?!!?" pointed out another user. "Don't u dare! Yeezy/Kanye was always successful and even without Kim Kardashian people would have still bought his shit," expressed another user. Since the news of Kanye and Kim's divorce broke many fans are wondering if Kim and the other Kardashian family members will continue to support Kanye and his Yeezy brand. A user wondered, "Do you think the Kardashian’s will still wear Yeezy? #KUWTK."





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