Kanye West vs Big Sean: Fans dub Ye as 'bitter b***h'

Ye was soon all over the Internet for his cheeky remarks as Big Sean too took to his Twitter to take subtle digs at the rapper

                            Kanye West vs Big Sean: Fans dub Ye as 'bitter b***h'
Kanye West and Big Sean (Photos by [email protected]/Araya Doheny/Getty Images)

Kanye West, who is infamous for calling out artistes, again pulled off the same stunt after he appeared on Revolt’s 'Drink Champs' on Friday, November 5. The Grammy-winning rapper dropped a few truth bombs hinting that he regrets signing Big Sean to his label GOOD Music. Kanye also added that he “no longer f**ks” with John Legend, who was also part of his record label.

Kanye West, who now goes by the name of Ye, was soon all over the Internet for his cheeky remarks as Big Sean too took to his Twitter to take subtle digs at the 44-year-old hip-hop artist. Kanye’s latest interview is his first after the release of his 10th studio album ‘Donda’. Speaking of Big Sean, the Detroit rapper was signed to Kanye West’s record label in the year 2007 and dropped six projects under the same label before parting ways in October 2021.
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Kanye West attends the 2019 FGI Night Of Stars Gala at Cipriani Wall Street on October 24, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)


Does Kanye West regret signing Big Sean to his label?

The co-hosts of 'Drink Champs' N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN enquired Kanye about who would he choose between Pusha T and Big Sean. Kanye quipped, “Oh, I love this! Let me tell you," before grabbing a "R.I.P." headstone prop in the viral clip. He said, “I already decided that when I die, on my tombstone it's gonna stay, 'I deserve to be here because I signed Big Sean."  He made it further clear, “No, I'm saying that the worst thing I've ever done is sign Big Sean.”  

Kanye continued, “You know what I'm saying? I changed this man family and both John Legend and Big Sean when I ran for office got used quick by the Democrats to combat they boy that actually changed they life. And that's some sell-out s**t and I don't rock with neither of them and I need my apology” hinting that he was not fine with Big Sean and Legend not supporting him when he ran for President in 2020. “(N-word) is scared," concluded Kanye.





‘Can’t wait to go on drink champs now’, says Big Sean

Looks like Big Sean too got the hot gossip soon as he landed on Twitter to share multiple posts after his former boss name-dropped him during the interview. “I just got asked to be on the next Drink Champs so I’m assuming Ye talkin crazy” tweeted Sean, adding another post with nothing but multiple emojis of a laughing face. He then shared a picture of him with Kanye and said, “Was just wit this man, he ain’t say none of that!!! And this was after the interview! I’m dying laughing at you @kanyewest.”  Sean concluded, “I can’t wait to go on drink champs now!!!”

Between all the drama, DJ Akademiks too took to Twitter saying, “Why Kanye do Big Sean like dat .. (n-word) said on his tombstone they need to put 'I deserve to be here cuz i Signed big sean' na ... ye a demon.” Big Sean was recently spotted at Kanye West’s Sunday Service Prayer along with Justin Bieber, Marilyn Manson and Roddy Ricch.












‘Ye’s a delusional, mentally unstable clown’

Social media users quickly logged into Twitter as they took on Kanye West’s new remarks. “Kanye West just officially lost a fan. F**k that man. Ye’s a delusional, mentally unstable clown. Talkin that s**t about @BigSean that’s actually hilarious”, said one user as another posted, “Wowwww… That’s so shady man.” Another user tweeted, “This guy is not okay in his head.” Meanwhile, one user shared, “Bro everything about Kanye right there is disturbing, and I’m talking about non-verbal. What he said is standard Kanye. Everything else though.”
The next one mentioned, “Kanye West calling Big Sean his worst mistake while having patches of uneven hair on his head is crazy.” One user shared, “He a fool for thinking you gotta agree on Politics just because your work together. That the type of simple minded stuff that would have you marrying a h*e and trying to make her a housewife. Get out of your own head.” One stated, “Wtf is wrong with Kanye, like yeah i get it we all have our differences and beliefs but but that’s so disrespectful, cause in the end of the day, Sean was with ya in ur label, ye really needs help with all respect, man, I’m sorry Big Sean, so uncool.” And, one individual concluded, “@kanyewest is a bitter bi**h!!! hundred points symbol  f**k him! and i mean that in the most disrespectful way ever!

Kanye West attends the Fast Company Innovation Festival - Day 3 Arrivals on November 07, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Fast Company)
















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