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'Kandi & The Gang': Is Kandi Burruss underpaying OLG staff? Shawndreca makes SHOCKING claim

Shawndreca didn't hold back when it came to exposing what happens at OLG, but not all fans are convinced about it
UPDATED MAR 14, 2022
Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker attend Holiday Road Atlanta Friends & Family Preview Night 2021 (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Holiday Road)
Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker attend Holiday Road Atlanta Friends & Family Preview Night 2021 (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Holiday Road)

Working in the service industry is no cakewalk. It usually involves long hours and staying on your feet throughout your shift. Therefore, restaurant employees need to make more than minimum wage, seeing just how physically taxing their job can be. But then again, that's not the case for everyone in the service industry and allegedly for the staff at OLG too.

Bravo's 'Kandi & The Gang' follows reality star Kandi Burruss and the staff of her restaurant, OLG, as they all work together to bring the place back to its former glory. But mixing family, friends and business is not always a good idea as the show has slowly begun to reveal


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Right from Episode 1, it was clear that although OLG is popular, it is pretty dysfunctional, thanks to the staff. While the team seems like they are not entirely interested in working, it turns out, they have their own set of issues with the restaurant. As they all went to grab an after-work drink, Shawndreca began to talk badly about OLG regarding the food and pay. She noted that she was making $12, even though the minimum wage was $15.50. 

Fans were upset to know that Kandi was not paying her people and took to Twitter to discuss the same. "Ok maybe Pheadra didn't lie when she said kandi doesn't know how to pay her employee's #KandiAndTheGang #KandiBurruss #KandiAndTodd #rhoa" tweeted a fan. "They paying her 12/hr!! No wonder shawndreca always had an attitude! Lol i hope that's not her only job because No Ma'am!! #KandiAndTheGang" added another. "I know they ain't paying this lady 12.50 and expecting all this work and professionalism chile she said family dollar pay 17.50 cmon now Kandi pay dem ppl a livable wage #KandiAndTheGang #olg #bravotv" tweeted a fan. "Shandreca better be happy that she even has a damn job, the way that her attitude is set up!! But Kandi & Todd are wrong as hell if she's only making $12/hr. #KandiAndTheGang #katg" said a fan. "Imma blame todd's cheap ass for them only being paid $12/hr but he needs to fix it. ASAP #KATG #KandiAndTheGang" added another.






While some fans were shocked to find out how much Kandi's staff was being paid, some fans had a hard time believing that it was that low. Moreover, Shawndreca kept bad-mouthing OLG in front of Patrick, Kandi's cousin and godson. None of that sat well with him, and he was quick to bring this to Kandi's attention. Kandi also mentioned that Shawndreca didn't come in often to work and that she should have brought the matter to her instead.

"I'm this episode of #KandiAndTheGang I know there is no way she is getting $12.00 an hour. Atlanta cost of living wouldn't allow for you to survive making $12.00 an hour." tweeted a fan. "They're talking about OLG in front of Kandi's godson/cousin? #KandiAndTheGang" added a fan. "Thats right Patrick ride for your fam #KandiAndTheGang #KATG" added a fan. "@Kandi please oh gawd please let Drilla go. Loyalty does not drag your place of business. #KandiAndTheGang" said a fan.





'Kandi & the Gang' airs on Bravo on Sundays 6 at 9/8c.

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