From 'Harrisblather' to fake accents: 5 STRANGE things about Kamala Harris revealed

Conservative columnist and critic Kyle Smith recently wrote a scathing piece dubbing Kamala Harris as 'a very weird person'

                            From 'Harrisblather' to fake accents: 5 STRANGE things about Kamala Harris revealed
Kamala Harris has been trolled time and again for her 'weird' habits (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

Amid rising speculations of infighting between President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, many critics are now lambasting the VP for her 'weird' habits. Harris had been criticized in the past for her failure to handle the border crisis in time or her setbacks in the White House in terms of policymaking and execution. From rumors of toxic work culture in her office to her baffling silence during the August Afghanistan crisis, Kamala Harris has become one of the most harshly censured politicians in recent US history. That too in the very first year of her term as the vice president.

Recently, the VP was trolled for her bizarre accent while visiting France and addressing the press. Soon afterward, she landed in a soup as reports emerged that she was bitterly feuding with FLOTUS Jill Biden. There was also a lot of talk around Harris's "awkward hug" with Joe Biden which seemed carefully choreographed for the camera. In the latest development, prominent conservative critic Kyle Smith has written an entire column for New York Post, simply titled "Kamala Harris is a very weird person." So, MEAWW decided to dive into the internet and find out if people really feel Kamala Harris is "weird" indeed and if so, why. Scroll down and take a look. 


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Her laugh

Harris has been trolled time and again for her "bizarre", "loud" and "awkward" laugh, which has been deemed inappropriate and unsuitable for someone of her stature. "She blames her staff for … the weird things she says. What does she blame for her bizarrely inappropriate laughing, though?" Kyle Smith mentioned in his op-ed piece. 

"Fox (based Jesse Waters) is reporting that the White House and Congress are in the beginning stages of getting rid of Kamala Harris. Too many gaffes, that awful laugh; it's catching up to her," a Twitter user wrote. 

"I tend to think it's because the @VP is so phony and fake. It might also be that cringe worthy "laugh". Or it could be because she never has any good ideas," tweeted a proud MAGA supporter. 




Coined by Kyle Smith, the term criticizes Harris for her nature of giving long, complex, and vague answers to serious, hard-hitting questions. Blathering is quite common among national leaders, especially when they are put in a tough spot by journalists in a democracy. However, like Smith, many Republicans and Conservatives are also not a fan of Harris' habit of over-the-top blathering. "All politicians blather, but Harrisblather is like an air salad with vapor croutons and nullity dressing," Kyle Smith wrote, not holding back on the sarcasm. 

"Lame attempt by #CNN to paint #KamalaHarris as an underappreciated workhorse. Won't work. That obnoxious cackling & mindless blather may work in a state that gave us #EricSwalwell & #TedLieu, won't work elsewhere," a Twitter user commented. 


That French accent 

The vice president was trolled on social media after she appeared to put on a French accent to speak to scientists at a Covid lab in Paris while she was on a tour to mend the US-France relationship. While interacting with scientists at the Institut Pasteur science lab, Harris expressed disappointment at how politics was not scientific and logical like the experiments being conducted in the lab by the scientists. "In government, we campaign with 'The Plan,'" Harris said, in what was perceived by many as a French accent. "Uppercase T, uppercase P, 'The Plan! And then the environment is such we're expected to defend 'The Plan' even when the first time we roll it out there may be some glitches and it's time to reevaluate and then do it again."

Harris had previously moved to Montreal, Canada, when she was 12 and attended a French-speaking school for several years. However, her French accent did not earn any brownie points, especially among conservatives. Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump's secretary of state, said Harris was humiliating the US. "The clip from Vice President Harris is more than embarrassing on the world stage. Our adversaries watch that and see weakness. They see people who aren't serious, they see people who aren't determined - precisely the opposite of what we did for four years," remarked Pompeo, who himself had been a subject of incessant internet trolling for years. 

A "toxic" boss?

In June 2021, a shocking report by Politico claimed that Kamala Harris maintains quite the toxic work culture in her office, as complained time and again by former staffers. Years before, several former employees of Harris had accused her of creating an unhappy working environment. The June report by Politico claimed that Harris’ staffers alleged they’re “treated like sh**”, and one ex-employee even said, "So many people recognized themselves in it, or recognized treatment they had seen or treatment they had heard about and dismissed." The VP has also been dubbed "unpredictable and at times demeaning" who often generated a "sense of paranoia" in the office space. 

Jill Vs Kamala

Though it has been dismissed by many as mere right-wing propaganda, Jill Biden and Kamala Harris cannot be said to be on the best terms of late. The tension between the FLOTUS and the VP has been on the rise ever since both of them stepped into their official roles. A report by CNN noted that several of Harris' former aides, administration officials, and external advisors sensed the brewing feud between the two women. Some allege that Harris feels "forgotten" inside the White House, and considers herself being sidelined from "positions to lead". Many even went on to speculate that Harris might launch her own presidential campaign in 2024 if Joe Biden backs out from reelection.

Only time will tell whether Harris will be running for president in the future, pushing aside the deafening criticism about her gaffes and guffaws. At the moment, her loyal supporters have dismissed these reports on her "weird accent" or "bizarre laugh" as propaganda by Conservatives and right-wingers in the absence of coherent points of criticism.

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