Will Kaleh Clark leave her family? Here's why 'Seeking Sister Wife' star could split from husband Jarrod Clark

Will Kaleh Clark leave her family? Here's why 'Seeking Sister Wife' star could split from husband Jarrod Clark
Kaleh Clark is clearly upset with the way her family is functioning now on 'Seeking Sister Wife' (TLC)

Finding the perfect sister wife to help grow a plural family is not exactly a cakewalk. While the idea of one man and multiple wives seems exciting to some, there's a lot of planning that goes into place.

'Seeking Sister Wife' goes into the details of what it takes to be a plural family. Each wife has their role and seeing that plural families often focus on having many kids, the roles are often divided between the caretaker and the breadwinner (along with the husband). However, it's not always easy to keep everyone happy in a plural family. And often, it leads to splits, breakups and heartache. 

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The Clarks are the newest members to join the cast of the show and by the looks of it, trouble seems to be brewing already. Jarod Clark has two sister wives, Kaleh and Vanessa. But things are far from happy in the Clark household, seeing that Kaleh is disgruntled with her role in the family.

She discusses the same with Vanessa, implying that Vanessa's role might be more important than hers, seeing that Vanessa is the one who works. Vanessa seems more than okay with the idea, implying that they can switch, although the tinge of sarcasm in her voice doesn't go undetected.


Jarrod, on the other hand, is currently talking to five women, seeing that the Clarks are looking to find a new sister wife. A friend of his, Emily, even approaches Jarrod regarding how exactly their family dynamics work, seeing that she seems interested in polygamy. But while Jarrod seems to be growing his family, trouble continues to brew indoors, as Kaleh grows increasingly unhappy with her domestic roles.

Vanessa and Jarod who want to grow their family decide to address the issue. However, the conversation with Kaleh goes downhill quickly, when she gets immediately defensive. Kaleh gets agitated and asks Jarrod if he wants her to get on her knees and kiss his feet, to which Jarrod replies that she always leaves a wake of destruction.

Kaleh is visibly upset and storms off, which has us wondering, has she reached a breaking point? Will this be the end of the Kaleh as a part of the Clarks? Looks like we'll have to wait and see.

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