K-pop idol Holland reports being attacked, called 'a dirty gay' in Itaewon hate crime

K-pop idol Holland reports being attacked, called 'a dirty gay' in Itaewon hate crime
Fans of Holland expressed their concern after he revealed he was the victim of a hate crime in Itaewon, South Korea (@HOLLAND_vvv/Twitter)

With Holland being the first K-pop idol to come out as gay, fans of the genre have been very accepting of the singer over the last few years. A few more idols have opened up about their sexual preferences since then, and fans of K-pop were hoping that the South Korean culture would finally become more accepting of the existence of different sexualities.

However, it seems like some Korean citizens still have a long way to go in that regard. On May 5, Holland (known also by his birth name Go Tae-seop) took to Twitter to post some photos of his injured face. Holland reported that he was attacked after a hate crime took place against him in Itaewon, South Korea when a man called him a ‘dirty gay bastard’ and tackled him.


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Holland reports being a victim of a vicious hate crime

Holland stated that he was walking with his friend as well as his manager when a random stranger attacked him out in the open. He said, “While walking down the street in Itaewon this morning (May 5) with my friend and manager, a man I didn't know hit me twice in the face for being gay as he called me a dirty gay bastard.”



The ‘Ocean Like Me’ star later added, “I have a scar on my face and I'm going to the hospital soon.” Calling the attacker out for their actions, Holland said, “This is an outright hate crime [...] Exposing me to violence just because I'm gay is something that should never happen.” He added, “What happened in Korea in 2022 is an example of how far we are from gay human rights being granted to individuals.”

Holland’s fans were shocked by the incident and expressed their anger at the attacker. He reassured them saying, “I have reported the incident to the police and I believe that the police officers will solve it. I look forward to a world where we can show the minorities and children only hope and love rather than hate and violence.”

Holland made his debut in 2018 with his digital single ‘Neverland’ while also coming out as gay. He also made his acting debut with the ongoing BL drama, ‘Ocean Like Me’.



‘I am so scared and angry’

Fans started sending messages of support to Holland as he was going through a very hard time after the attack. One fan said, “What to do ㅠㅠ I can't even imagine how you feel... It must have been a big shock :( Are you feeling a little better now? A queer hate criminal.. I hope he dies very painfully when he dies. As a queer, I am so scared and angry. I will send my good energy today to Holland. I support you, fighting!” 

One fan said, “This kind of situation shouldn't happen again in 2022. The rights of LGBT ppl should be respected. Why should anyone care what happens in people's beds? Everyone lives his or her sexuality as he or she sees fit. The most important thing is love and respect. Let's love each other.” Another chimed in, “Sadly one homophobe attack could scar s/o for life and no one should experience anything like this.” One fan added, “Please send emails and make calls. It is imperative we keep the pressure on. No only for a public comment but proof their intentions are to protect all people!”





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