K-pop trainee claims idol-turned-CEO hit him EIGHT TIMES, fans say it's H.O.T's Jang Woohyuk or Shinhwa's Andy

K-pop trainee claims idol-turned-CEO hit him EIGHT TIMES, fans say it's H.O.T's Jang Woohyuk or Shinhwa's Andy
After a former idol exposes his CEO, a former member of a first-gen boy group, for assault fans start speculating between veteran idols (andyofficial___, @woohyukjang/Instagram; Twitter)

Owning K-pop labels is not something extraordinary in this day and age where idols who are active as artists in present day are also owners of labels that train the next generation of idols so they can debut. But, what happens when the CEO of your the company that recruited you starts getting abusive, eventually shattering your dream of becoming an idol?

On June 7, an anonymous user made a post online accusing his former CEO of mercilessly assaulting him. The post revealed that the OP (original poster) was a trainee in the group under the label owned by a former boy group member from the first generation. In the post, OP exposed their former CEO stating, "I was assaulted by the best idol of the first generation and I gave up my dream. I want you to apologize."


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Former idol trainee exposes CEO

In the post, the former idol trainee stated that back in 2016, they were assaulted by their CEO. The reason why the OP revealed this in his post is because he continues to be haunted by the memory of the assault. The former idol states that the incident that took place six years ago still bring tears to their eyes to this day. The user then stated that they are now exposing the first-gen idol-turned-CEO in the name of "public interest" with the hope that there will be no future victims of this CEO.

The post stated, "I was a trainee at an entertainment company headed by Mr. B, who was a member of a first-generation famous idol group. This group was one of the most popular idol group's in South Korea, and even today, many fans worship the group." OP also revealed that the assailant was also a member of the group who enjoyed immense popularity back in his day. The former idol narrated the event back to the exact date of its occurrence from February 18, 2016, OP said, "While talking about music with Mr. B, the CEO of the agency, I had mentioned that fans would not like the music Mr. B recommended because it was a bit old."


Mr. B accused of physically assaulting trainee

OP mentions that this was reason enough for the CEO to start cursing at them. The OP stated that the CEO then slapped them on their right cheek four times and twice on their left cheek. The former idol mentions that the CEO did stop at six slaps. He then forcibly removed OP's hat and struck them two more times on the top of their head. The former idol trainee recalled that they still went to work the following day with the fear of being held accountable for violating their contract. OP revealed that they later terminated their contract with the label and gave up their dream of becoming an idol as they enlisted in the military.

OP continued, “For the past 6 years, I have suffered because of the memories of that day, but I was afraid of Mr. B which is why I could not do anything. I am writing this post today because I thought that if I endured this wound alone, there would be secondary and tertiary victims other than myself." The former idol said that they do not want anything from the former CEO other than a sincere apology.


'Streets say it's H.O.T's Jang Woohyuk'

With so many details being revealed in the post, fans have started wondering who this CEO could be. One user said, "Can’t think of anyone but yang hyunsuk." One more user said, "Tony Ahn and the one in the ballad duo are the only first gen idol i know has a company. Andy of shinhwa too i think...hmmm." Another user said, "I think Andy Shinhwa and Hwanhee FTTS also runs an agency." One more user said, "1st gen idol ceo..all i can think is shinhwa member?" Another fan responded, "Icymi, its jang woohyuk from hot."

One user said, "Streets say it's about H.O.T.'s jang woohyuk btw." One fan defended, "Stop dragging Shinhwa name, its not Andy. I dont wanna talk about personality, everybody can fake it. But one thing for sure, Andy is STILL an idol, not a former. And he is not the CEO, but co-founder. The training room... not TOP Media's." One fan said, "To those who keeps on saying its Andy of Shinhwa... please refer to this and explain... im not gonna let anyone of drag his name to this so please STOP!"








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