K-pop group Tempest is nothing but good news with their explosive debut ‘Bad News’

K-pop group Tempest is nothing but good news with their explosive debut ‘Bad News’
Tempest is ready to take K-pop by storm (Yuehua Entertainment)

Everyone was waiting with bated breath for Tempest’s debut and the new K-pop group did not disappoint. The multi-national boy group from Yuehua Entertainment took K-pop industry by storm with their introduction trailer, teasers, dance covers and concept images. They did face a small hitch as all of the seven members were diagnosed with Covid-19 but that doesn’t seem to stop them. Having recovered, they are now back with a bang with their debut lead single ‘Bad News’.

K-pop’s newest boy group Tempest debuted on March 2 with their first mini-album ‘It’s Me, It’s We’ and its title track ‘Bad News’. Well, they introduced themselves and their first EP with a showcase in which they spoke about their identity, ambitions and thanked fans who were rooting for them since their pre-debut days. We had Eunchan sharing that despite their debut getting postponed, Tempest had no regrets, had recovered, was healthy and ready to show the world who they are.

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Tempest debut with their first EP 'It's Me, It's We' (Yuehua Entertainment)

Tempest debut with ‘Bad News’

The members shared fun behind-the-scenes stories while preparing for Tempest’s debut. We had Hanbin confessing that he had been scared since he had to dance on a high stage at one point for the colorful music video, while Lew added that it was really cold. Hwarang on the other hand showed off the killing dance move which he titled the 'skiing move'. Hyuk pleasantly surprised fans by revealing that the song ‘To You’ was a gift for fans to thank them for waiting. When asked about their image, Taerae said that they wanted to be known for their high energy and powerful performances.

Hyeongseop hoped to set themselves apart from other K-pop acts by focusing on relatable stories that showcase their true selves while Eunchan added that they were preparing to show fans everything that they have. With the paradoxical single title ‘Bad News’, Tempest confides that they are bad news as they are a raging tempest for their rivals, ready to take the music scene by storm with their powerful presence.

Tempest performs 'Bad News' (Yuehua Entertainment)

The K-pop rookies sing about turning everything upside down as they are ready to conquer with their strong vocals, rap and stage presence. The impressive dance break in ‘Bad News’ prove that they are not here to play as they hit every beat and harmonize along with a groovy rhythm and an addictive hook in the energetic song. Fans are also impressed that Lew and Hwarang have participated in writing ‘Bad News’ and almost all of the other b-sides.


Tempest part of Yuehua Entertainment

Tempest had previously turned heads when their label shared that they would be debuting a new boy group. Many of the members turned out to be familiar faces as some had participated in fierce survival shows like 'Under 19'. Vietnamese member Hanbin was a fan-favorite on ‘I-Land 2’ that formed Enhypen while leader Lew and idol actor Hyeongseop debuted as a duo and were in ‘Produce 101’ season 2 that formed Wanna One. The label, Yuehua is also home to many popular multi-national groups like Everglow, WJSN and UNIQ which has iconic members like soloist Woodz and Chinese idol actor Yibo.

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