Justin Bieber slammed for using Selena Gomez to deny sexual assault allegations: 'He's taking advantage of her'

Justin responded to the allegations against him by saying that he spent the said time of the incident with his then girlfriend Selena Gomez

                            Justin Bieber slammed for using Selena Gomez to deny sexual assault allegations: 'He's taking advantage of her'
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In the late hours of June 20, #JustinBieberIsOverParty started trending heavily on Twitter. This happened after a woman named Danielle relayed her account of alleged sexual assault at the hands of Justin Bieber on the micro-messaging app.

" He was thrusting in and out of me. As I laid there, speechless. My body felt unconscious," she wrote. Another woman named Kadi too came out alleging assault at the hands of the pop star. "So Bieber started pushing me to the bed and have his body against mine, he pinned me down pulled my leggings down and his shorts and penetrated me... I pushed him and kicked him between his legs and run out to the living room." she wrote on her page.  The internet was livid after reading about these incidents. A social media user commented saying: "He is so over... and rightfully so. There’s no way in hell that girl is lying and this is just two people who have come forward. For all, we know there are so many more girls who this has happened to. Disgusting to be honest. #justinbieberisoverparty."

In the aftermath of the allegations, Bieber defended himself and he also posted the supporting receipts. Danielle had alleged that she was assaulted when Bieber was in Texas for a show with Selena Gomez. The pop star in his tweets detailed his activities from the said trip, reiterating that he spent most of his time with Gomez and he even shared press articles to further his defense.  However, in his last post, the singer said his tweets weren't intended to undermine sexual abuse claims, but to clear his name. "Every claim of sexual abuse should be taken very seriously and this is why my response was needed," he wrote. "However this story is factually impossible and that is why I will be working with twitter and authorities to take legal action."

Bieber has done his bit to address the allegations leveled against him but a certain section of Twitter is not happy with him using Gomez's name to his defense. In an interview with NPR earlier this year, Gomez had opened up about being a victim of emotional abuse while dating Bieber and that might be one of the reasons for the backlash. 

"This is just another proof of how misogynistic society is. Justin admitted that he had abused all of his relationships, but no one believed Selena when she said she was emotionally abused. Now he's using her name to clean up all the mess he made. #justinisoverparty" read a tweet. "Someone tell me why Justin Bieber uses his former relationship with Selena Gomez as his main reason for why the allegations can’t be true meanwhile everyone knows he been cheating on her left and right anywhere he went back in the days," read another tweet.

Some said Bieber was needlessly bringing in Gomez: "Selena Gomez is now trending at #1 with over 200k tweets because Justin Bieber does NOT know how to defend himself and rather mentally abuse someone that is for once happy again."

Mostly, fans are worried for Gomez's mental health as one fan said: "Selena Gomez and her mental health is what our priority should be. If she is gon be dragged in this shitty Justin Bieber mess, she’ll be right back where she started. I really hope she stays out of this. She isn’t his protective shield anymore and NO ONE SHOULD ASK HER TO BE IT!"

"Justin Bieber literally tried to remove the memory of Selena Gomez from his life, humiliated her, shaded her in a few songs and now he is the one using her name for trying to save his a*s? This is literally taking advantage of someone else’s name," read another tweet. 

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