'Just a trend': 'RHOA' star NeNe Leakes quashes rumors about son Brentt's sexuality, says 'he isn't gay'

'Just a trend': 'RHOA' star NeNe Leakes quashes rumors about son Brentt's sexuality, says 'he isn't gay'
NeNe Leakes said that her son, Brentt, was not gay after a TikTok video said otherwise (neneleakes/Instagram)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' star NeNe Leakes' son recently came out on TikTok. Initially, Leakes reacted with emojis on the post. Now, in a recent interview, the 'Glee' actress backtracked and reportedly said that Brentt wasn’t gay. She added that she spoke to him and said that she would still love and accept him if he was, but he had denied being so. 


The 'RHOA' star's son was in the headlines earlier this week due to a video that had been making rounds on the internet. Following a Tik-Tok trend, the young man posted a video where creators intentionally miss a shot into a basket. “If I miss, I’m gay,” he wrote over the clip. Many believed he was coming out, but his mother said that it was "just a trend."


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NeNe Leakes insists Brentt isn't gay

The 55-year-old former 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star spoke about the rumors about her son's sexuality in an interview on Monday, January 30, on 'The Breakfast Club'. She said, “He called me up and was like, ‘Mom, everybody is asking if I’m gay because I did this TikTok thing.’ And I said, ‘It’s OK if you are gay. It’s fine with me.’ And he was like, ‘OK, Mom, I’m not gay.'"




“All my friends were calling me, calling him, concerned if he’s gay or not,” Leakes continued, adding, “I didn’t really know what the big deal is?! [His] happiness is the most important thing to me. If my son, today, told me he was gay, I would be 100% okay with it.” Leakes reiterated that this was just a TikTok trend and not a coming out. 


NeNe Leakes' relationship with Brenttt

Leakes shares a somewhat troubled relationship with Brent. She had taken to social media a few times to let people know that she was upset with him. The 'RHOA' star had scolded him for not taking social distancing rules seriously during the Covid-19 pandemic. As Brentt was getting bored during the pandemic, he was allowed to go out for a drive. However, he went out and met some guys. His mother made it clear on an Instagram post that she was upset with him as he shouldn't have been putting her and her husband, Gregg, at risk. Leakes had also revealed that Brentt had a stroke shortly after Gregg's death as her son was very close to his father.

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 'Just a trend': NeNe Leakes addresses rumors about son Brentt's sexuality, says 'he isn't gay'