Did Jurell Carter upload a'sex tape'? 'Emmerdale' actor denies slip up as he deletes raunchy Instagram video

Did Jurell Carter upload a'sex tape'? 'Emmerdale' actor denies slip up as he deletes raunchy Instagram video
Jurell Carter's suspicious Instagram posts is creating all the buzz among fans Getty Images)

Accidently posting something on Instagram is a very valid fear for most people, even more so for celebrities. After all, once you've put something up on the Internet, It's nearly impossible to get rid off. And by the looks of it, 'Emmerdale' actor Jurell Carter's has found himself in such a predicament.

The actor recently posted a story on Instagram and by the looks of it, it might have been something rather explicit. Although the actor later confirmed that it was not, fans have plenty of reason to believe otherwise and have begun to speculate that he most likely posted a clip of what looked like a sex tape.


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Carter plays the role of farmer Nate Robinson on 'Emmerdale'. In the clip that he posted to his Instagram, Carter is seen shirtless while bouncing up and down. His arms are tense while his mouth is slightly ajar as he stares at the camera. The video was shared along with a caption, that read -- 'Physically I’m sweating on a dull day in Yorkshire. Mentally I’m in Jamaica on the beach sippin couple cocktails… we move.'

The Instagram story in question, featuring Jurell Carter (@jurellcarter/ Instagram)

Fans were quick to point out that the actor looked like he was engaging in some explicit activities, taking into account his movements and expression. Many of them speculated that he posted a video of himself having sex. Carter quickly followed up to confirm that he was doing no such thing and that the video was actually of him exercising and that people seemed to have gotten the wrong idea.

He posted a follow-up Instagram story in an attempt to clear the air. 'Let a man live. I was on my spin bike,' he posted later, along with a few laughing emojis. Oddly enough, he deleted the stories soon after, including the one where he explained what he was up to, leaving fans even more confused. However, that didn't stop them from taking screenshots of both the stories. 



Jurell Carter at the National Television Awards (Getty Images)


This isn't the first time Carter's social media activity has come under question. As reported by Mirror, Carter put out several Instagram stories last month, one of which linked to an account that made claims about Hollywood performing satanic rituals and other conspiracy theories.

His stories even led to an Instagram user calling him an 'anti-vaxxer,' on account of spreading misinformation about Covid-19. Carter shared a screenshot of the DM, along with a message -- "Again with the anti vaxing labels," he wrote, "Also trolls stop hiding behind these profiles you clowns."

He continued the conversation in a follow-up post."Questioning and doubting what is going on does not make you 'anti' anything," he stated. "Nor does it make you a conspiracy theorist. Actually questioning IS and should be the place of reason," he added. 

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