Who is Rubi Rose? Rapper's thirsty DMs from Chicago star Lil Reese leaked as her Twitter account gets hacked

Who is Rubi Rose? Rapper's thirsty DMs from Chicago star Lil Reese leaked as her Twitter account gets hacked
Rubi Rose's Twitter account has been hacked and sick trolls have leaked the messages Lil Reese sent her (Instagram)

Rapper Rubi Rose's Twitter account was reportedly hacked since the early hours of Saturday, May 8. The username of the 'Nasty' rapper, who has 5,49,000 followers, was changed by a group of hackers. The troublemakers also made changes to the bio of Rose's account while writing their usernames in the section and boasting about the sick prank they had managed to pull off. Multiple tweets were also made from Rose's account. 

Tweets of an extremely derogatory nature are being shared from the account by the sick hackers. They are also threatening to release a sex tape of Rose and a YouTuber once a certain hacker acquires a sizable number of followers. Another hacker stated they will leak Rose's chats with fellow rappers Kodak Black and Playboi Carti.


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Rubi Rose confirms her phone and Twitter were hacked (Instagram)

Who is Rubi Rose?

The 23-year-old rapper from Kentucky moved to Atlanta with her mother and sisters in junior year of school and her music is deeply influenced by The Big A. Signed with HITCO in 2019, the rapper is trying to establish her position as one of the biggest names in the female rap game. 

For those who are familiar with her music and body of work might know that she was one of the main girls in the music video of Migos' hit 'Bad and Boujee'. Apart from being a video vixen, she is an exceptionally talented MC and an overall entertainer. Rose was also pursuing an education while putting out hits such as 'Hit Yo Dance' with Yella Beezy and NLE Choppa in 2019. 


Rose ended up studying political science even though she wanted to go to law school. "Honestly, I was going to go to law school but Georgia State doesn’t have pre-law so political science was the major to go into to prepare for law school. I’m a senior, I’m about to be done!" Rose said. She also revealed that balancing both her rap career and education wasn't an easy feat but it was achievable.

"It’s a lot, but I schedule my classes on Mondays and Wednesdays only. I work everything around that and I just stay on it. I have an assistant... I have help. My mom’s African as hell, so I have to finish," she added. Talking about how Atlanta had shaped her life and career, she noted, "In every way possible. Every feature, producer, artist... Atlanta’s just the vibe. It has everything! It’s so different than LA."


Rose has worked with a number of rap bigwigs on tracks including 'Whole Lotta Liquor', 'Viral', 'The Truth', 'Papi', 'He in His Feelings' and 'Pogo'. She has collaborated with Jahrone Brathwaite, Young Buddha, Xaviard Baird, DeAndre Hunter, Efram, K Camp, and many others. She dated Iggy Azalea's ex Playboi Carti. They met during the early stages of Carti's career and started dating a year after being friends. 

In an interview with VLADTV, she spoke about the time when Carti shot at her. She wasn't in his firing line exactly but the 'Poke It Out' rapper shot in her vicinity after she hid his phones to prevent him from leaving the house. “Me and him were crazy… We got into a little argument because I hid his phones before his flight and it just was like, we were outside, it wasn’t directly at me, it was more like in the vicinity… It wasn’t even like a big deal," she said.


Who hacked Rubi Rose's Twitter account?     

The hackers have removed their names from the bio section of Twitter. Apart from all the other damaging things they've posted from Rose's account, the hackers also leaked what seems to be the texts she received in her Twitter inbox from rapper Lil Reese. The Chicago rapper couldn't get a reply from Rose, according to the screenshots which are now deleted from the timeline, but fans have already saved these receipts. 


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