Is June Shannon OK? 'Mama June' star hospitalized after experiencing severe headache and dizziness

Is June Shannon OK? 'Mama June' star hospitalized after experiencing severe headache and dizziness
'Mama June: Road to Redemption' star June Shannon has been hospitalized (@mamajune/Instagram)

'Mama June' star June Shannon has been admitted to hospital following her routine visit to the doctor on Wednesday, September 21. The 43-year-old had been experiencing severe headaches and dizziness and upon consulting the doctor, it turned out to be a serious issue. 

At present, the entire team of health care specialists is working diligently to determine the root cause of her pain. According to a TMZ report, Mama June isn't aware of what the issue is but has undergone a series of scans and tests for the same. Mama June, who married Justin Stroud on March 23, 2022, is being taken care of by Stroud in the hospital. The report also added how Stroud is her source of strength as she fights to get better each day.


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June Shannon's history of health issues

Four eye surgeries 

This is not the first time that June has gone through health issues. Earlier, People reported that Shannon, who got blind in one eye, had gone through four surgeries to repair whatever little vision she was left with. She also revealed how the process was both physically and emotionally draining. Shannon had said, "It’s been physically and emotionally draining. Losing my independence and having to rely on other people for everything has been crazy." The star also shared how the loss of vision in one eye was due to untreated cataracts right from her childhood.



Gastric sleeve surgery

Besides, Shannon has also dealt with weight issues, which include having a gastric sleeve procedure done, along with a tummy tuck to help in her weight loss.



Regaining her lost weight

In 2021, Shannon returned from rehab stint putting on a lot of weight. She revealed about putting on 60 lbs, while then boyfriend Geno had also gained about 100 lbs. She told TooFab, "I'm back, larger and sweeter than ever. I have put on about 60, he's put on about 100."

June spoke about how her main motto right now is being sober and not being tense about gaining any weight. She also added that with the weight loss journey, she would like to tell all people about herself gaining a healthy weight post-Covid. June also shared about being happy and comfortable with herself even after gaining weight.

She told the portal, "If you've ever been in addiction, you have to know your sobriety has to be #1 and forefront. This may be bad on my part, but it takes precedent over my relationship with Geno, my relationship with my family, my production team. With my weight loss, I have as I like to tell people, gained that healthy Covid weight. I've put on probably about 60-70 pounds. Am I happy the way I am? Yeah. When I was a Size 2 at 150, I was way too damn small. Now I'm 250 and I feel good. Even when I was 500, people didn't believe I was 500."

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