Is June Shannon dying? 'Mama June' fans shocked after she reveals she has stage 3 lipidemia and 6 months to live

Is June Shannon dying? 'Mama June' fans shocked after she reveals she has stage 3 lipidemia and 6 months to live
June Shannon from 'Mama June: Road to Redemption' (Getty Images)

June Edith 'Mama June' Shannon is helpless. She wants to meet with her daughters Lauryn 'Pumpkin' Efird and Alana 'Honey Boo Boo' Thompson but they are over her antics ever since she hung them out to dry. Even though June and her boyfriend Geno Doak had no inkling of where her kids were residing, she was hopeful her sister, Joanne Shannon, will give her some clues.

Unfortunately, when Joanne didn't reveal much, June said it was important that she shared Pumpkin and Alana's address because her time's running out. June revealed she has been diagnosed with lipidemia, a condition that could take her life any day. And before that happens, she would like to see her children.


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June shocked Joanne and the viewers when she said if she doesn't take care of herself, she may just have six months to live. “Lipidemia is where fat kind of makes nodules up underneath your skin, and your lymphatic system doesn’t work right,” June explained and added: "I’m actually 27 inches in this arm, and 21 in this arm. I’m over 13 inches bigger in this leg than I am in this leg. I am to a point where I am Stage 3. If I don’t get taken care of, I will die within six months."

While Joanne was sympathetic towards June, she still didn't share the girls' address. Instead, she suggested June spoke with Dr Ish Major and that may help her get somewhere with the girls.

Meanwhile, shocked fans took to social media to share their two cents on June's big reveal. One user even shared her experience suffering from the condition.

"And yes it’s crazy in sept last year I was diagnosed with lymphedema and Lipidemia a lot of women that r obese have this it happens in every 9 women out of 10 so if r having issues women get checked #MamaJune," a fan shared, while another tweeted: "@DrIshMajor can lymphedema really kill you like June thinks? @MamaJune_WEtv

"I would not be able to take anything June is saying as honest because of the damn smirk on her face every time she talks. #MamaJune," one user wrote. "June you can get your weight down by exercising and watching what you eat Mama," another shared.   










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