Julianna Zobrist deletes Ben Zobrist and kids' pics from IG, husband still hails her as 'my unicorn'

Julianna Zobrist has completely erased her husband and children's photos from her social media but Ben Zobrist's Instagram is still only about her

                            Julianna Zobrist deletes Ben Zobrist and kids' pics from IG, husband still hails her as 'my unicorn'
Julianna Zobrist has erased photos of Ben Zobrist from her Instagram (Instagram/ @benzobrist18)

Ben and Julianna Zobrist are back in the news as new details of their divorce documents went public on Monday, July 19, following the latter's extramarital affairs with the couple’s former pastor and marriage counselor, Byron Yawn.

According to pretrial documents obtained by the Chicago Tribune, Julianna sought $4 million apart from an even split of the marital assets, for the “amount of money he failed to preserve by abruptly and intentionally failing to satisfy his baseball contract”. Meanwhile, the former baseball pro’s attorney, Helen S Rogers, calls the claim and its reasoning “utterly absurd", adding that Julianna should accept "blame for having torn her husband’s heart out by having an affair with their pastor" and also expecting him "to be able to totally focus in an elite athletic job that required (100%) of his physical and mental energy."


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Ben Zobrist and Julianna only had 'chaste dates' until they got married in 2005 as they were pastors' children

Before the weeklong divorce trial is set to begin on August 9, a deep dive into Ben and Julianna's Instagram pages makes for an interesting discovery. 

Julianna's Instagram


If one was to go through the Instagram pages of Julianna and Ben Zobrist, one would find a stark contrast between the two. While Julianna's social media page is all about her and her career as a Christian pop singer and an author and no pictures of her family are to be found, the case is quite different when it comes to Ben, who still has old posts of his estranged wife and children up. Previously, however, Julianna did have photos of her husband and kids on her social media page.

The last time she posted anything related to the ongoing divorce was on July 6, when she posted a serious-looking picture of hers with the caption, "Some of you have been wondering whether I will make a public statement about my divorce. I know this is true because many of you have sent me encouraging notes and DMs recently. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your kindness. There have been many ugly accusations made about me publicly in recent days. And this has created an expectation that I should respond by defending myself—and maybe even offering a few ugly accusations in return. Isn’t that how these kinds of things always play out?"


She added, "I am choosing to protect my children’s hearts by not saying hurtful things about their father in public. My attention is focused on caring for them during this difficult time, and I refuse to divert my energy to slinging mud and publicly reveal personal details of my previous relationship in order to score sympathy points. My reconfigured family—a resilient mother and her three remarkably brave children—are building something healthy, safe and beautiful where shame does not abide." The rest of the page is pretty much about her solo journey, connecting with her fans, and the promotion of her professional work. 


Ben's Instagram

Despite the details of their bitter divorce being played out in the public, Ben has not erased Julianna and his kids from his Instagram page. While there are not many recent pictures of them, one post from 2018, still up, shows his support for his wife.

"I’m in love with this woman. When we first started dating I knew she was going to do something special in this world for a lot of people. She has a voice that everyone knew was incredible, but this book proves the heart behind it is even more beautiful. Today is the release date for her book Pull it Off. I’ve always known she was extremely gifted, but the depth and creativity articulated in these pages sound like she’s been writing books for years... Julianna, I learn so much just by watching how you live this life every day. I will not be surprised when people love what you have to say to this world through this book. You are the color in my world. You are my unicorn in the sky riding on rainbows forever! Happy Book Release Day!" it reads.


He also posted a video from Julianna's meet and greet. "Hanging out at VMR Chicago for Julianna’s meet and greet today!!! So proud of Jules! #pullitoffbook," he captioned it. 


Despite the fact that Julianna claimed in divorce papers that she sought primary custody of the children and child support, because “Husband has no real desire to co-parent due to his anger towards her,” Ben's Instagram sings a different tune. Apart from lovey-dovey photos of him and Julianna, he also has a number of pictures and videos of his children still up on social media.



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