'Cheater' Julianna Zobrist slammed for demanding $4 million from Ben: 'Scummy w***e'

Twitter is livid that Julianna Zobrist has asked Ben Zobrist to compensate her with money he forfeited when he took a sabbatical to work on marriage

                            'Cheater' Julianna Zobrist slammed for demanding $4 million from Ben: 'Scummy w***e'
Ben Zobrist with Julianna Zobrist (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

The Zobrists' dirty laundry has finally been aired in public as pre-trial divorce memoranda of baseball champ Ben Zobrist and his estranged wife Julianna were finally shared with the public. The Chicago Cubs player claimed in his memo that Julianna spent some $30,000 on a retirement party for Pastor Byron Yawn, her affair with whom is the primary factor behind the Zobrists' divorcing. It is, however, Julianna's newly presented demand in her memo that has left Twitter furious as the Christian singer and self-help author is demanding an extra $4 million in settlements on account of the money Zobrist forfeited when he took a sabbatical in 2019 to work on his marriage.

The Zobrists' seven-day divorce trial is scheduled to begin in August, and sees Julianna demand their marital assets be split equally. Ben has also filed a separate lawsuit against Yawn, accusing him of causing the family emotional distress and defrauding their charity. But turns out the foundation of the highly publicized divorce is that party from December 2018, where Julianna allegedly also lewdly danced with Yawn in front of family and friends at their suburban Nashville farm. 


Ben Zobrist's wife Julianna slammed by fans over affair with pastor: 'She’s a hot mess'

Byron Yawn manipulated Ben Zobrist into giving Julianna Zobrist space while having affair with her

Julianna and Yawn are believed to have resumed their relationship after he got divorced from his wife Robin, earlier this year. Ben alleges in his memo that he only found out about the affair and the sexual nature of Julianna's relationship with Yawn in June 2020. In his memo he also alleged Julianna's extravagant spending habits that went from $24K a month in 2018 to $65K in 2019, with most of her spending devoted to travel, gifts and hotel rooms she would get with and for Yawn. 

But Julianna, who married Ben in 2005 and has shared three kids with him since, accuses Ben of 'failing' to preserve their marital assets due to the sabbatical he took to work on their family. "As the marriage progressed, Wife began to experience Husband's perfectionist tendencies, which would often feel overbearing and controlling to Wife," Julianna's memo stated, continuing: "Throughout their marriage, Husband struggled with mental health issues that included manic tendencies, depression, anxiety, melancholy and thoughts of suicide."

Byron Yawn, the pastor Julianna Zobrist had an affair with (Twitter)

The extra $4 million she's demanding, according to her memo, is due to Ben's "failure to maintain marital assets due to his intentional decision to substantially reduce his earnings by failing to satisfy his baseball contract." And Twitter is livid with this. Searching her name on Twitter will pull up posts where the general populace is sharing "Julianna Zobrist is the worst kind of person." Another lamented, "Julianna Zobrist is another example of why I have to apologize for being a Christian."

Julianna has also scrubbed her social media clean of photos of her husband and children, while Ben's Instagram still sees photos of her captioned as the "unicorn" of his life. And looks like in this marital war between the two, Twitter is clearly taking Ben's side. "I know there’s two sides to every marital dispute, but so far it looks like Julianna Zobrist sucks," one user declared. Another decided to laden sentiments with namecalling, tweeting: "5 years or so ago I never thought I’d view Julianna Zobrist as a scummy whore but here we are."

The court's verdict may take time, but Twitter has its verdict out, as one user posted: "Juliana Zobrist seems especially cruel and evil. I feel terrible for Ben." Others declared: "Julianna Zobrist is just disgusting as a person." One user shared: "Pardon me if I don't believe a word out of Julianna Zobrist's mouth. Spending $30k on a retirement party for the guy she "allegedly" cheated with? ohhhkay. I hope she gets destroyed in court." And another believes instead of demanding more money, "Julianna Zobrist should need to compensate each Cubs fan who attended a game at Wrigley for listening to her shitty music for three years." 









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