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'Judge Steve Harvey': Fans say 'move over Judge Judy' after watching ABC courtroom show

The pilot episode of 'Judge Steve Harvey' was so entertaining and funny that the fans declared it as their new favorite show
Steve Harvey on new ABC cortroom comedy show 'Judge Steve Harvey' (ABC)
Steve Harvey on new ABC cortroom comedy show 'Judge Steve Harvey' (ABC)

From 'Jerry Springer Show' to 'The Family Court' there's no dearth of courtroom-based tv shows. ABC's new show 'Judge Steve Harvey' featuring popular game show host Steve Harvey is the latest addition to the popular genre. 'Judge Steve Harvey's much-awaited premiere received several rave reviews from fans.

Even though Steve isn't a real judge or possesses any legal qualifications, the famous television personality banks on his rich life experiences to help families and individuals resolve various conflicts in a peaceful and civil manner. The pilot episode of 'Judge Steve Harvey' featured three cases- neighbors fighting over the damaged fence, two sisters' disagreement over their brothers' funeral expenses, and finally a brother-sister duo who were locking horns over unfinished carpentry work. The one-hour episode was so entertaining and funny that the fans couldn't stop praising the show and many declared it as their new favorite show.


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Steve Harvey is all set to star on 'Judge Steve Harvey' (ABC)

Many fans took to Twitter to praise the new ABC show. A fan tweeted, "Say what you want about him. Steve Harvey is good at this TV sh*t! Lmao #JudgeSteveHarvey." Another fan wrote, "Move over Judge Judy. @IAmSteveHarvey @JudgeHarveyABC #JudgeSteveHarvey." "#JudgeSteveHarvey truly is a great hour of television. Steve make its very entertaining but also drops great wisdom too," observed a fan. "Judge Steve Harvey already funny , this the first episode. A little bit Judge Mathis, a little but Judge Judy, all Steve wrapped in one show. Love it. #JudgeSteveHarvey," pointed out a fan.






Another fan shared, "I ain’t even gone lie… This just can’t be a real court show but I ain’t laughed this much watching tv in a minute. #JudgeSteveHarvey imma put it in my weekly regularly watched shows list." "I just found my favorite new show….. Judge Steve Harvey!!! #judgesteveharvey #abc #SteveHarvey," declared a fan. "I’m loving Judge Steve Harvey Show! It’s very interesting & hilarious. Now I finally found my favorite court show into the new year. #JudgeSteveHarvey," seconded a fan.




'Judge Steve Harvey' is an unscripted comedy show featuring real-life people with real-life conflicts who will present their case in his courtroom, ranging from family disputes, unpaid bets, sour friendships and everything in between. With the help of Nancy, his trusted bailiff by trade, Steve plays by his own rules, basing his courtroom on his own life experiences and some good old common sense.

Speaking of his new show, Steve said, "I'm extremely excited for the opportunity to continue my fruitful partnership with ABC and collaborate with them on my next venture. Viewers tuning into 'Judge Steve Harvey' will watch as I tackle tough and, at times, entertaining issues while also providing much-needed advice and good old-fashioned common sense to the litigants in my court."

'Judge Steve Harvey' airs every Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC. 

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