Jim Acosta wins hearts by calling Fox News a 'bulls**t factory': 'I love it when a man tells the truth'

Jim Acosta wins hearts by calling Fox News a 'bulls**t factory': 'I love it when a man tells the truth'
Jim Acosta was lauded for calling out Fox (Getty Images)

CNN's chief domestic correspondent Jim Acostly has openly slammed rival news channel Fox News on live TV. Acosta addressed the channel as a "bulls**t factory" in his bulletin on Saturday, March 1. 

"This was USDA Grade A bulls**t and the reporter who wrote the story resigned...but the damage was done, pumped out over the airwaves at the bulls**t factory also known as Fox News," Acosta said, while pointing out at the since-retracted New York Post article that initially claimed migrant children were given copies of Kamala Harris’ picture book 'Superheroes Are Everywhere'.

Soon an official debunked the report and journalist Laura Italiano announced her resignation from the Post, claiming she was “ordered to write” the bogus story. But by that time, several news organizations, including Fox News, had picked up the story and presented it as fact.


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As soon as these comments were made in the live show, people started tweeting about it. One Internet user said, "Jim Acosta not here for the bull**it factory, but I'm here for him calling them out ALL DAY." While another one said, "I want you all to know that @Acosta is my new best friend so please respect my privacy at this time."




One woman even claimed that Acosta is her "crush," as she wrote, "I’ve had a crush on @Acosta for quite some time. I love it when a man tells the truth. Jim, hit me with some more facts!! " Another one agreed with Acosta and said, "Fox has been defended in court by proclaiming anyone would have to be stupid to believe what Fox is saying . So it makes perfect sense Rudy would plead his case on Fox. The Bullshit Factory for sure ."




And some even said that Acosta won Twitter because of his comment, saying, "Jim @Acosta wins twitter today. And the Ain’t Gonna Both Sides this Crap cable news meritorious service medal. Plus the Calls ‘Em as I Sees ‘Em Award for honesty in journalism. #wtpBLUE #Fresh." Writer Paul Rudnick said, "Jim Acosta, on CNN, referred to Fox News as "the Bulls**t Factory", which just might stick. It also sounds like either the world's worst chain restaurant or a terrible comedy club, which are also descriptions of Fox News."




Another one who wanted a little more twist after Acosta's comment said, "I wish Fox News would sue @Acosta for calling then a bullshit factory so CNN'S lawyers can win the case by claiming truth as an absolute defense." While one tweeted, "THE FINEST WORDS EVER SPOKEN!! Thanks, Jim Acosta, for such eloquent phraseology!"




This wasn't the first time when Acosta has called out Fox News; last month he called out Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, by referring to him as 'Fox's Chief White Power Correspondent'. While talking about Carlson's coverage of the Derek Chauvin case, he said that Tucker “showed us all what’s under the hood” with his consistently racist takes. The host also ripped Carlson’s displaced anger with the reaction to the guilty verdict. “But let’s be real,” Acosta said. “Tucker Carlson’s anger wasn’t about the actions of a police officer who murdered a man, but about the guilty verdict. Or, as Carlson, Fox’s chief white power correspondent, described the decision: ‘Please don’t hurt us.’"

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