'Joker' fans poke fun at Joaquin Phoenix as tweet about his dislocated knee on the sets goes viral

'Joker' fans poke fun at Joaquin Phoenix as tweet about his dislocated knee on the sets goes viral
Joaquin Phoenix as Joker (IMDb)

Joaquin Phoenix has been a constant topic of discussion on Twitter after his win at the Golden Globes for 'Joker'. It started off with the F-bomb loaded acceptance speech and was followed by his hair and make-up team revealing they had to bribe him on sets with crackers so he would sit in one place. Now, there was a tweet that's stirred up Twitter about the actor dislocating his knee on set. 

The original tweet had a scene of the movie where Fleck (Phoenix) is kicking a whole lot of stuff in a fit of rage and the tweet points out that Phoenix ended up dislocating his knee. And the user who tweeted says Phoenix deserved a Golden Globe for this very scene. Others, well, they had their share of fun at Phoenix's expense. 

"And? Rami Malek ate his own vomit yet where’s his golden globe," said a user, and this was followed by Tweets talking about various actors and some of their on-screen moments.

"Jodie Comer almost died choking on pasta in Killing Eve," said another.

"Amy Adams had to pretend to be in love with Jeremy Renner in arrival but okay," added another user.

Pedro Pascal wasn't spared either. "Pedro Pascal hurt his back from carrying the star wars franchise where is his golden globe?" a user tweeted.

Previous tweets about his speech revolved around Twitterati thinking Phoenix was drunk at that time. "Joaquin Phoenix’s was like the drunken guy at a wedding who tries to make a speech after the best man gets done with his. #goldenglobes2020," tweeted a fan.

Many hilarious tweets took the platform by storm during the actor's speech. "Happy Joaquin Phoenix won but, man, I had to google his age. He looks and sounds like my 75 yo drunk neighbor. #GoldenGlobes," tweeted another.

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