Join Bryan Baeumler's off-the-beaten-path adventure: HGTV casting open for thrilling rural journey

Join Bryan Baeumler's off-the-beaten-path adventure: HGTV casting open for thrilling rural journey
Bryan Baeumler is back on HGTV with his ventures (@bryanbaeumler/Instagram)

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO: Attention HGTV fans and aspiring entrepreneurs! Get ready for an exciting new series coming exclusively to HGTV. Join renowned renovator Bryan Baeumler as he ventures off-the-beaten paths to assist daring individuals who've left their old lives behind to pursue their dream businesses in remote locations. Bryan's expertise in resort renovation will be instrumental in launching these unique projects.

If you've recently made a major location or lifestyle change, reside in a small town or remote area, and encountered renovation roadblocks, this is your chance! We're searching for vibrant, enthusiastic business owners to share their stories and showcase their renovations on camera. Prepare to be inspired by these captivating dream projects. Casting is now open, so seize the opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary series on HGTV! Don't miss out on the excitement of following in the footsteps of 'Celebrity IOU' and '100 Day Dream Home'. Apply now and let your journey begin!


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What is Bryan Baeumler's show about?

In this series, Bryan comes to the rescue of ambitious individuals facing major roadblocks in their construction projects. Whether it's money issues, family conflicts, or logistical challenges, Bryan and his team will work tirelessly to help overcome these obstacles. The goal is to create a burst of activity and get the project back on track within a tight timeline while Bryan is on-site. The show follows the journey from start to finish, showcasing the final results of hard work and determination put to create a brand-new construction project. 

What are the requirements to apply for Bryan Baeumler's show?

Calling all adventurous entrepreneurs and ambitious dreamers! HGTV's captivating new series with Bryan Baeumler is casting now, and they're looking for exceptional individuals who have embarked on extraordinary projects in off-the-grid locations. If you're transforming a small town or rural area with a unique tourist-related venture like a hotel, B&B, winery, farm, or brewpub, they might want to hear from you. But there's more—your renovation must face significant roadblocks, like financial problems, family issues, and logistical problems, and Bryan Baeumler is here to help overcome them. If you're ready for a burst of activity and available for 6-8 shoot dates, this is your chance! Secure financing, complete your design plans and let's create magic together.



How to apply for Bryan Baeumler's travels off-the-beaten-path?

If you live in a captivating location, brimming with tourist potential, but lack a properly renovated pub, winery, or restaurant, this is your chance to shine. Join Bryan Baeumler's exciting new show and let him work his magic in creating the ultimate tourist attraction for your area. Showcase your unique vision and receive expert construction work from Bryan himself. Apply now through Bryan's official casting website and be a part of this extraordinary journey.


The show is set to release on HGTV by the Spring of 2023.

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 Join Bryan Baeumler's off-the-beaten-path adventure: HGTV casting open for thrilling rural journey