'I trust gas station sushi more': CNN's John King tells audience to stay off social media and 'trust us'

'I trust gas station sushi more': CNN's John King tells audience to stay off social media and 'trust us'
CNN correspondent John King urges audience to trust his channel and stay off social media amidst the US midterm elections (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON DC, US: With the US midterm election underway, news channels are fighting to claim the top spot in updating the public with the latest polling trends. One of those channels, in particular CNN has caught the media attention for all the wrong reasons after reputed TV anchor and journalist, John King called for users to trust his channel and shut off social media.

In his tweet, King posted: “Stay off social media, people. If you're trying to figure out are there really issues with voting, trust your local officials and trust us here." American news anchor John King was born on August 30, 1963. He serves as the weekday anchor of CNN's roundtable political discussion program Inside Politics and is the network's main national reporter stationed in Washington, DC. He used to host John King, USA and the State of the Union. King started working with Associated Press as a journalist in 1985 and worked his way through the ranks. A Republican presidential debate before the South Carolina primary was moderated by King on January 19, 2012. After the 2020 American presidential election, King garnered considerable acclaim for his coverage of the occasion which was highly praised by numerous outlets.


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According to Forbes, CNN's television ratings have dropped 70% this year, showing a significant amount of distrust amongst Americans since its flailing coverage of the 2020 US presidential elections. Twitteratis took this opportunity to hit back at King who has urged his followers to keep social media at bay during the election polling as one user wrote: “I trust CNN about as much as the CDC." Another person stated: "CNN, you've got to be kidding. This is a joke right?"

One user joked, "Does @JohnKingCNN give seminars in self-awareness?" Another one added: "I trust gas station sushi more than I trust CNN, John King and local officials." One person suggested, "I’d rather trust a vasectomy performed on a trampoline."






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