Did Joel Kinnaman rape Gabriella Magnusson? 'Suicide Squad' star under investigation

Gabriella Magnusson went to the cops after Joel Kinnaman filed for a restraining order. Kinnaman denied raping Magnusson, who he briefly dated in 2018

                            Did Joel Kinnaman rape Gabriella Magnusson? 'Suicide Squad' star under investigation
Joel Kinnaman (Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images) has been accused of raping model Gabriella Magnusson (@iambelladavis/Instagram)

The dramatic tale of Joel Kinnaman and Gabriella Magnusson has taken a major twist on August 11. It's now confirmed 'The Suicide Squad' actor is facing a criminal probe, after Magnusson's claims of rape. The Swedish Prosecution Authority confirmed it has opened a probe into Kinnaman, but it will be a while before they reach a conclusion. In the meantime, Kinnaman's rep has confirmed he will be cooperating with the investigation. 

The captivating Kinnaman-Magnusson saga has had many twists and turns, but this is clearly the biggest yet. In early August, Kinnaman was granted a restraining order by an LA judge against Magnusson, who goes by the name Bella Davis. At the time he claimed, "Her threats of violence against me and my loved ones have become so serious and specific that I felt I had no choice but to seek a restraining order." Shortly after that, Magnusson posted screenshots and audio recordings to Instagram and claimed Kinnaman raped her


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The sordid affair has taken all the focus away from Kinnaman's latest film, 'The Suicide Squad' where he retains his role of Rick Flag from the 2016 version. Nonetheless, the actor has made it clear he's ready to fight the allegations hard, just as Magnusson is. 



Did Kinnaman rape Magnusson?

As we earlier reported, on August 6 Magnusson took to Instagram and shared a series of text messages, and phone calls between herself and Kinnaman. In most cases, the context is not clear and since they are conversing in Swedish we couldn't be exactly sure of what was being said. In one post, Magnusson said, "The second time we meet up he raped me." She followed that up with another caption, "I hate that men coming away with rape I hope u going to jail you liar." 

On the same day, it appears she also went to the police and filed a complaint. The Public Prosecutor's Office noted that an actor had been reported to local authorities for alleged rape, shortly after the restraining order was granted according to TMZ. "It appears that after learning of the restraining order, she filed her complaint," Kinnaman's attorney Patricia Glaser told E! News. A spokesperson for the Swedish Prosecution Authority confirmed to E! News that Kinnaman was indeed the subject of a criminal investigation. "The prosecutor got the case today and has hardly been able to look at it. She has said there is a need for further investigative matters before she can make a decision," the spokesperson said.



At the moment, those are the only details we have. Magnusson has not responded to requests, while Kinnaman's team offered a short comment. "Mr. Kinnaman will be cooperating with police to clear his name," Glaser said. Earlier, when he confirmed the restraining order, Kinnaman said he had a romantic, consensual relationship with Magnusson in 2018, but did not take it further after he began dating model Kelly Gale. He denied raping her. He dubbed Magnusson's efforts "an attempt to extort" and alleged she said, "do you know how much money I would get and how famous I would be if I went to the press?" in one call. 

Both Kinnaman and Magnusson have varying versions of their affair. It's unclear what really transpired, and if it was consensual or rape. Until the Swedish authorities conclude and release their investigation, we can only speculate.