Is Joel Kinnaman lying? Gabriella Magnusson posts texts to disprove 'sextortion' allegations

The Swedish model published her chats with Kinnaman and accused him of rape saying 'I know u like young girls'

                            Is Joel Kinnaman lying? Gabriella Magnusson posts texts to disprove 'sextortion' allegations
Model Gabriella Magnusson (@iambelladavis/Instagram) claims Joel Kinnaman is lying about her (@joelkinnaman/Instagram)

The dramatic case between actor Joel Kinnaman and Swedish model Gabriella Magnusson had taken a drastic turn on August 6. Magnusson, who is better known by her stage name Bella Davis posted screenshots of chats with the actor on Instagram. Along with the screenshots, Magnusson also accused Kinnaman of rape, and said, "he know I have too much evidence on him so he just put up lies."

The Instagram posts were uploaded hours after it was reported Kinnaman was granted a restraining order against Davis. Along with that, he also shared an elaborate post on Instagram detailing the alleged harassment by Magnusson. Kinnaman, who is famous for his roles in 'Suicide Squad', 'RoboCop', 'Altered Carbon', 'House of Cards', 'For All Mankind' and 'The Killing', claims to have had a "brief romantic relationship" with Magnusson in late 2018. He then alleged Magnusson started threatening him with false accusations of non-consensual sex unless he gave in to her demands of money and Hollywood connections.


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Now, Magnusson has hit back with her own Instagram posts, which appear to feature texts from Kinnaman himself. It's unclear when the texts were sent, and if they actually came from Kinnaman, but that is what Magnusson alleges. She also said, "why else Did u wanted to zoom call last week and have ur agent come to my city? U crazy!!" 



Did Kinnaman lie?

In his Instagram post and restraining order application, Kinnaman accused Magnusson of threatening him with non-consensual sex. However, Magnusson alleges something completely different took place. The entire exchange is in Swedish and without context, it is hard to understand what exactly is going on. The iMessage conversation appears to stem from Kinnaman landing in New York, and asking if they can "hang". To that, Magnusson replies she is "busy" and "not sure if you would even come here". Later, the two agree to meet, but it is not clear when or where. It appears as if that exchange was made in December 2018, when Kinnaman said he met Magnusson in New York. 



In another exchange, that appears to be on Instagram, Kinnaman says "would like to meet you." In response, Magnusson asks "Did you think you were getting married?" Again, without context, it is unclear what exactly is happening but the thread ends with Kinnaman saying he looks "forward to meeting" Magnusson. In another two posts, Magnusson uploaded audio of an exchange between her and Kinnaman. Along with the audio, she alleges "The second time we meet up he raped me," in one post, and "I hate that men coming away with rape I hope u going to jail you liar," in another. 

Furthermore, Magnusson alleges Kinnaman's lawyer paid her lawyer 2,250,00 SEK (Swedish Kronor) or around $25,987. She also says Kinnaman and his lawyer wanted her to sign an NDA "to be silent". She also uploaded a video of an encounter with Kinnaman's agent Orlando John, where she accused him of "touching my brother". When confronted, John simply says "I don't want to argue." In another post, she says "U even cried on phone begging me to not tell anyone last week!" and uses the #MeToo. 

As the posts show, Magnusson's version of events is vastly different from Kinnaman's, especially considering that she has accused him of rape, whereas Kinnaman says they had consensual sex. She also says she will see Kinnaman in court, but it is not clear if she is yet to file a case or has already filed one. We could not confirm if the voice in the audios is indeed Kinnaman, but we do know that he can speak Swedish. As of the time of reporting, Kinnaman has not responded to Magnusson's allegations. The last post on his Instagram page is his statement on the restraining order. We will update the article once more information is available. 

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