'For All Mankind' Season 1 finale will likely tackle the fallout of Ed Baldwin's crime and the loss of Apollo 24

'For All Mankind' Season 1 finale will likely tackle the fallout of Ed Baldwin's crime and the loss of Apollo 24
Joel Kinnaman in 'For All Mankind' (Apple TV+)

'For All Mankind' Season 1 is hurtling towards the end with the upcoming finale in Episode 10.

All the drama that has been building up over the course of the last nine episodes is finally coming to a head and it looks like things might just escalate into a global (or should we say lunar) military conflict.

At the end of Episode 9 'Bent Bird', Ed Baldwin (Joel Kinnaman) has now been stuck at Jamestown base on the Moon for almost two hundred days and, with the death of his son, his mental health has been steadily deteriorating. He's already refusing to talk to Houston and, in the last episode, he actually went so far as to murder a Soviet cosmonaut.

There's always the chance that Ed might be able to lie his way out of this situation but no matter what he might say to his bosses over at NASA, the fact remains that a man has been killed on the Moon. What's worse? He died inside the American base!

With relations between the Soviet Union and the United States more strained than ever, this could be the beginning of a new war, one with repercussions that will extend beyond the confines of the planet and all the way to the Moon.

If that wasn't bad enough, NASA just lost the Apollo 24 shuttle in the last episode and its crew is most likely dead by now. Not only is this tragedy going to come as a huge blow to morale, but it will also reinforce the sexist arguments that people have been raising back on Earth questioning the abilities of female astronauts like 24's mission commander Ellen Waverly (Jodi Balfour).

In short, NASA is going to have to do a lot of firefighting in the finale, trying to cover up Ed's crime while simultaneously looking for a way to establish contact with the lost shuttle. There's no telling how this story might end but it looks like there will most probably be blood spilled before it's all over. 

'For All Mankind' Season 1's final episode will air on Apple TV+ on December 20.

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