POTUS greeted with 'F**K Biden' signs by angry New York and New Jersey residents

Biden touted his infrastructure plan as a way to rebuild, saying scientists were warning 'this is code red'

                            POTUS greeted with 'F**K Biden' signs by angry New York and New Jersey residents
Angry hecklers confronted President Joe Biden as he visited New York and New Jersey on Tuesday (C-SPAN, Twitter/@reuters)

President Joe Biden was confronted by angry hecklers as he visited New York and New Jersey on Tuesday, September 7, to have a look at the damage caused by Hurricane Ida that claimed 52 lives in the Northeast. 

Biden touted his infrastructure plan as a way to rebuild, saying scientists had warned "this is code red." He spoke to state and local leaders while touring the devastation, just days after his trip to the storm-ravaged areas near New Orleans on the Louisiana Gulf Coast. Despite his attempts to make a unifying statement that "we're in this together," the President is faced with a series of political obstacles.


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Biden was greeted with boos and profane placards from a group of angry residents after he landed at John F Kennedy airport in Queens. As his motorcade rolled through New Jersey, one red, white, and blue flag in the view was emblazoned with the words, "F*** Biden...And F*** You for voting For Him." Along the route, a school-aged boy was photographed from the motorcade giving the president the finger. A line worker in a yellow vest did the same in Louisiana on Friday, according to the Daily Mail.


The Delaware Democrat toured the flood damage in the Manville, New Jersey neighborhood of Lost Valley. He was confronted by hecklers there as well. A man with a Trump 2024 flag and a woman could be heard yelling as Biden met with some flood victims. "It's a shame ... Despicable!" one shouted. "We will leave you guys behind!" another chimed in, referring to the disastrous Afghanistan pullout. "Hey Newsmax, can we year you? OAN," yelled the Trump supporter with his flag next to him, naming two conservative networks that were also pro-Trump. 


The remarks were captured by C-Span on its video coverage of the event. When asked about the hecklers later in the day, Biden sidestepped the question and focused on the positive reception he received. "To see and talk to the people who have been devastated. Just talk to them. None of them were shouting or complaining. Every one of them was thanking me as if it was something special," he said.

Biden then went on to claim the protesters didn't live in the area. "The people who stand on the other side of the fences who don't live there, who are yelling that we're talking about interfering with free enterprise by doing something about climate change, they don't live there," he declared. 

Destruction is left in the wake of Hurricane Ida on August 31, 2021, in Grand Isle, Louisiana near New Orleans. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Nonetheless, the raucous protests overshadowed the images of healing and assistance the White House sought to project by having Biden tour devastated homes in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. One woman told Biden that her family avoided flood damage and a possible gas leak explosion only after a neighbor warned them since she and her husband have a four-month-old baby. "We only left early just because we had a baby," the unidentified woman noted. "Thank God you’re safe. Help you rebuild and figure this out," Biden responded.

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