'Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer': Katy, Suzette and Andreea are eliminated

'Not gonna lie, feel like the wrong ladies got eliminated tonight' tweeted a fan

                            'Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer': Katy, Suzette and Andreea are eliminated
Andreea Natalia (Instagram/andreeanataliaceo), Suzette James (Instagram/suzette_james), and Katy Johnson (Instagram/iamkatyjohnson)

For Steven McBee and Kurt Sowers, the pressure certainly seems to be piling on with each passing episode. Despite the bonds they might be creating, an essential part of the show, as with most reality shows, is the eliminations and it looks like this week's eliminations left fans shocked more so than usual.

As the group went on a camping date, a lot of drama seemed to have gone down. From Carolyn picking a fight with Kurt Sowers over him getting closer to other women (despite her asking him to do so) to Breanna ending up rather inebriated, there was undoubtedly chaos galore. But this also meant that not everyone got to spend time with Steven and Kurt, jeopardizing their chances even further.


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When it boiled down to who should go home, making this choice was not easy, as the men had somewhat of a bond with most women. They felt like it was starting to come down to the wire, where small actions and words were now coming into effect. This week, the saved contestants were -- Amanda, Amber, Jennie, Annie, Whitney, Suzan, Carolyn, Calah, and Breanna. The women eliminated were -- Katy, Suzette and Andreea. Andreea, who previously won a gold coin which allowed her to spend one hour with the man of her choice, uninterrupted, handed the coin over to Jennie, seeing that they had gotten rather close. While the other contestants were sad to see them go, fans believed that Carolyn should have been in their place instead.

"Not gonna lie, feel like the wrong ladies got eliminated tonight. #JoeMillionaire #ShouldaBeenCarolyn" added a fan. "I’ll just marry Suzette #JoeMillionaire" tweeted another. "Kurt realizing he's too scared of Carolyn to send her home. #JoeMillionaire" said a fan. "So y’all sent Katy home for being apart of the drama but Carolyn “The Drama” gets to stay. Pa-lease #JoeMillionaire" said a fan. "Three are going home?! Why are you trying to end the show sooner?! #JoeMillionaire" asked a fan. 











And while fans certainly felt as though Carolyn should have been the one to go, Steven McBee chimed in. "Just here for the ride. #JoeMillionaire" he tweeted. 



What do you think? Did Steven and Kurt send the wrong women home? Did Katy, Suzette and Andreea deserve to stay longer? Who would have been your picks to leave the show? Sound off in the comment section below and tell us what you think about this week's eliminations!

'Joe Millionaire' airs Thursday nights at 8 pm on Fox.

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