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'Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer': Andreea labelled as shallow by contestants

Although the women considered her to be fake, Andreea's honesty won her some special time with the men
UPDATED JAN 21, 2022
Andreea Natalia on 'Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer'(Instagram/joemillionairefox)
Andreea Natalia on 'Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer'(Instagram/joemillionairefox)

For Steven and Kurt, the stars of 'Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer', the pressure is undoubtedly starting to pile on as the women continue to fight for their time. However, seeing that a few serious bonds have been formed, the men can't help but feel almost as though they are being unfaithful, with the situation even prompting Kurt Sowers to be unsure of his time on the show.

However, despite this, both Steven and Kurt focused their energy on getting to know the women better. And with a movie premiere evening, it was sure to be a fun night. Or so the women thought.


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The movie screening the group were going to was titled 'Love, Honestly', and it featured the things the women had said in their confessionals. There were indeed many laughs, as this gave the men a little more insight when it came to the ladies. In the end, there was an award ceremony planned, where two awards were given out -- Best Screenplay, for the woman who seemed most genuine and Best Actress, the woman who appeared to be there for other reasons. 

When it came down to votes, the ladies thought that Whitney was the most genuine and labelled Andreea as the Best Actress, seeing that she stated in her confessionals that she wanted a man who drove a Mercedes, as she drove one too. However, that statement did not sit well with the other contestants. Fans were ready for the drama. "The claws are coming out #JoeMillionaire" tweeted a fan. "@whitbit101 100% seems super genuine. Happy she won that one, some of the things she says are some things I say randomly. It's just normal why hold it back?! #noshame #JoeMillionaire" added another. "I'm surprised Suzette saying she wanted a 10 or 12 carat rock didn't make the movie montage. She might have won "best actress" instead of Andreea. #JoeMillionaire" noted a fan. "Winner of best actress: Andreea! Andreea:…" joked a fan. "Daaang best actress award goes to….#JoeMillionaire" added another. 






Andreea felt attacked, stating in her impromptu speech that this was about self-awareness and maybe she shouldn't talk so much. But it wasn't all bad, seeing that both she and Whitney won a coin each that could be redeemed for an hour with one of the men! Not all the contestants were thrilled about this, as they believed that she was being rewarded for being fake and shallow. 

What do you think? Did Whitney deserve to win the 'Best Screenplay'? Is she here for the right reasons? Did Andrea deserve to win 'Best Actress'? Do you think she's being fake or just brutally honest? Sound off below! 

'Joe Millionaire' airs Thursday nights at 8 pm on Fox.

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