Biden trolled for saying Queen 'reminded me of my mother' when he's just 17 years younger

Biden trolled for saying Queen 'reminded me of my mother' when he's just 17 years younger
The Queen hosts US President Joe Biden at Windsor Castle on June 13, 2021 (Steve Parsons/Getty Images)

US President Joe Biden met British monarch Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle on June 13. Biden, who was accompanied by his wife Dr Jill Biden, not only decided to keep his signature aviators on at all times but also said in a later interview that the "gracious" Queen "reminded him of his mother". Of course, this started a meme fest and Twitter was having a field day with them.

According to reports, Biden and the Queen discussed fellow leaders during a meeting on Sunday, June 13, as part of day 3 of the G-7 Summit. And much like every single time the 46th POTUS has made a public appearance before, hoards of MAGA fans and Donald Trump supporters hopped aboard the tweet-train to trash Biden. Of course, Biden's classic aviators' cameo did not go unnoticed by Twitter, but it was, however, his words about the Queen that hit the hardest. Why? Twitter is mad because they feel Biden and the queen are "practically the same age".


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Queen Elizabeth II with US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden in the Grand Corridor during their visit to Windsor Castle on June 13, 2021, in Windsor, England. Queen Elizabeth II hosts US President, Joe Biden and First Lady Dr Jill Biden at Windsor Castle (Steve Parsons/Getty Images)

Biden's remarks on the Queen came shortly after their discussion at the summit. "She was very gracious," the president shared with reporters at Heathrow Airport after he and his wife enjoyed a private audience with the Queen. He then added: "She reminded me of my mother." One half of Twitter couldn't help gushing about how wide and bright the queen's smile was as she and the first couple interacted, some pointing out the stark contrast between this and her demeanor around former president Trump. But others were more focused on Biden not dropping his aviators to meet the queen. 

"Classless Joe Biden," slammed a user on Twitter, continuing: "Why the sunglasses? Because he is used to having his head so far up his ass that he cannot tolerate light. The Queen has that get me outa here look." Others expressed distaste over Biden saying the Queen reminded him of his mother. "How ridiculous of Joe Biden to say the queen reminds him of his mother when they’re practically the same age and I have no doubt she could mentally run circles around uncle Elsheimers," tweeted a user. Another said, "Joe Biden said that the Queen reminded him of his mother. How offensive. The Queen is 95, not 195."




Some complained about the lack of an apparent age gap between the 78-year-old POTUS and the 95-year-old Queen, tweeting: "They look about the same age. The Queen still has her mind in good order. Biden not so much." Some even construed Biden's words as: "Joe Biden told the Queen basically 'you look like my dead mom'." Others just straight up got personal. Perhaps mistaking the tweet box for a Google search bar, one user commented: "'Queen reminds him of his mother' - cheek! Did his mom have him at 17 or something?" 

All quips aside, Biden just became the 13th sitting president to meet the Queen during her reign. The visit, which was among the Queen's first public engagements since the death of her husband Prince Philip, also saw her host her fifth president at the Windsor Castle.




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